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Arrendamento: 14% dos anúncios da oferta estão menos de 24h no mercado

Arrendamento: 14% dos anúncios da oferta estão menos de 24h no mercado

A análise é do Idealista e revela qual a percentagem de anúncios que fica no mercado menos de 24 horas, consoante o valor das rendas e as cidades. Saiba em seguida.

02 Jul 20242 min

Preços médios de arrendamento em Portugal continuam a subir

Preços médios de arrendamento em Portugal continuam a subir

Lisboa continua como a cidade mais cara para arrendar casa. Saiba onde ficaram os preços médios de arrendamento em Portugal no mês passado.

26 Jun 20242 min

Mão a segurar casas de madeira com três montes a ir crescendo simbolizando arrendamento

Rental market offer increases by 81% in the 1st quarter

According to Idealista, the increase in rental properties this year may be due to some housing measures implemented by the previous Government.

19 Apr 20242 min

Por cada anúncio de arrendamento, são 34 as famílias interessadas

For each rental listing, there are 34 interested families.

In the first quarter of 2024, the rental market continued to have high demand. Note that for each ad placed, there were 34 contacts made, on average. Check out the data in this article.

18 Apr 20242 min

Comprar casa para arrendar? Dados do 1.º trimestre são positivos
Housing Credit Acquisition

Buying a house to rent out? Data from the 1st quarter is positive

Buying a house to rent out is worth it? Data from the first quarter of 2024 in Portugal indicate that it is. Find out profitability by municipality.

15 Apr 20242 min

Arrendar casa temporariamente? Conceito tem ganho espaço no mercado

Renting a house temporarily? The concept has gained ground in the market.

Renting a house for a temporary period, between 1 and 11 months, is a concept that has emerged in the real estate market. Understand more in the article.

19 Feb 20242 min

É arrendatário? Já se pode candidatar ao Subsídio de Arrendamento

Are you a tenant? You can already apply for the Rent Allowance.

Applications are now open and will extend until March 9. Find out if you are eligible to apply.

16 Feb 20242 min

Arrendamento: Mais casas no mercado, mas a preços mais altos
Housing Credit Acquisition

Rental: More houses on the market, but at higher prices

"Despite the current increase in supply, prices remain high," according to Idealista. Find out what is at stake and how to get the best rental deal.

15 Feb 20242 min

Apoio à renda já foi pago aos beneficiários

Income support has already been paid to beneficiaries.

The January payment of income support has already been made, now with the reinforcement planned for 2024. Realize the amount involved, if you are entitled to this support, and learn about other solutions to increase income.

14 Feb 20243 min

Quais foram os preços médios das rendas em janeiro?

What were the average rental prices in January?

In some Portuguese municipalities, average rental prices increased in January, but it is worth noting that in two municipalities the rent went down. Find out which ones, next.

09 Feb 20242 min

É proprietário de casa arrendada? Atenção à comunicação das rendas recebidas
Housing Credit Acquisition

Are you a landlord? Pay attention to reporting your rental income.

Read the alert that the Tax Authority (AT) shared on its social networks, aimed at property owners who rent out their houses.

18 Jan 20242 min

Compensa comprar casa para arrendar? Conheça os dados de 2023
Housing Credit Acquisition

Is it worth buying a house to rent out? Discover the 2023 data.

According to data released by Idealista and later shared in a news article by Notícias ao Minuto, in 2023 it was worthwhile to buy a house to rent in most Portuguese cities. Find out more about the data, the profitability by district, and if the process is worth it, then.

15 Jan 20243 min

Valor médio das rendas e venda de casas subiu (significativamente) de 2022 para 2023
Housing Credit Acquisition

Average rental and home sale prices significantly increased from 2022 to 2023.

The average value of both rents and house prices increased significantly in 2023 compared to 2022. Find out the numbers in question, and how to find the property at the best cost.

11 Jan 20243 min

Com a atualização de rendas, quanto pode aumentar a renda em 2024?

With the update of rents, how much can the rent increase in 2024?

Unlike what happened in 2023, the rent update in 2024 will not have any established limit. The forecast for the update is 6.94%. So, what does this increase in rent mean?

08 Jan 20242 min

Aumento da renda implica um aviso com antecedência de 30 dias

Increased income implies a 30-day advance notice.

If you have not received any notice yet, your rent will not increase shortly. Note: the landlord needs to give 30 days notice in advance. Understand better, next.

05 Jan 20242 min