Arrendamento: Mais casas no mercado, mas a preços mais altos

Rental: More houses on the market, but at higher prices

"Despite the current increase in supply, prices remain high," according to Idealista. Find out what is at stake and how to get the best rental deal.  

15 Feb 20242 min

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More houses for rent, but prices “out of reach for most” 

The offer of houses for rent in the market has grown more and more, but prices have also become increasingly unattainable. 

According to data released by Idealista, and quoted by Notícias ao Minuto, the supply of housing available for rent increased in 15 district capitals in Portugal in the last year.

According to Ruben Marques, spokesperson for Idealista, "some measures implemented in housing seem to be impacting the rental market, with a significant increase in the supply of houses for rent in Portugal. (...) However, despite the current increase in supply, prices remain high and out of reach for most Portuguese people," as reported in the news.

"At the top of the list are Viseu (115%), Porto (113%), Braga (85%), Lisbon (63%), Castelo Branco (53%), and Guarda (50%) as the district capitals where the 'stock' for renting a house has increased the most. Following are Setúbal (49%), Viana do Castelo (46%), Portalegre (40%), Santarém (39%), Aveiro (37%), Coimbra (35%), Leiria (32%), Évora (22%), and Vila Real (18%)", describes the news website.

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