Crédito habitação financiado a 100% e sem impostos até aos 35 anos: Perceba as medidas

Mortgage credit financed at 100% and tax-exempt until age 35: Understand the measures.

In the end, what does the new Government promise for young people's housing credit? 100% financing and no taxes are the measures in question.    

16 Apr 20243 min

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Young people up to 35 can buy a house with 100% financing and no taxes.

The program of Luis Montenegro's Government aims to keep young people in Portugal, as currently too many young people "do not see Portugal as part of their future".

For this, they intend to support young people by encouraging them through access to housing: the new program provides public guarantee for young people's housing credit.

As stated in the electoral program of the Democratic Alliance (AD), the document states that it will exempt young people up to 35 years old from taxes when purchasing their own permanent housing, namely the Municipal Tax on Onerous Real Estate Transactions (IMT) and Stamp Duty.  

In addition, the State will ensure the viability of 100% bank financing for the purchase of the first home, according to a document already approved by the Council of Ministers. This means that, by providing guarantee on the loan, if the borrower defaults, the State must return the financing to the bank. 

Also in the document, the Government indicates that it will increase the scope of the Porta 65 program within its application limits, without specifying.

Although the program has already been announced, the financial impact of these measures is still unknown.  

The program of the XXIV Constitutional Government was delivered on April 10 by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Pedro Duarte, to the President of the Assembly of the Republic, José Pedro Aguiar-Branco.  

It is worth noting that the document is not voted on in the Assembly of the Republic, but rather considered, with parliamentary groups being able to present motions rejecting the program. Approval requires an "absolute majority of functioning deputies".  

Only after the program is appreciated in the Assembly of the Republic will the Government enter fully into its functions, so for now it can only limit itself to "the practice of acts strictly necessary to ensure the management of public affairs".  

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