Chaves douradas sob fundo laranja simbolizando habitação

Are you young? Check out these nine housing measures from the Government.

With its program "Building Portugal: New Housing Strategy", the Government aims to keep young people in the country by ensuring access to housing. Learn about these nine planned measures.

27 May 20242 min

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If you are young, these new housing measures are for you.

In a post on the social network Instagram, CNN Portugal summarized nine measures of the new Government aimed at facilitating young people's access to housing.

In addition to the main benefits - public guarantee for 100% financing of home purchases by young people and exemption from taxes associated with the process, which are also planned for this month of May - there are other benefits in sight.

So pay attention to the following nine measures that the information website summarized:  

  • Public guarantee for young people to fund bank financing;  
  • IMT and IS exemption for young people: exemption for individuals up to 35 years on properties up to the fourth tier (316 thousand euros);
  • Provision of Public Properties for Housing (built to rent) with affordable rent/price;
  • Creation of the IHRU leasing program portal for monitoring application processes; 
  • Implementation of the National Accommodation Plan 2025-26: providing an additional 18,000 beds;  
  • Acceleration of income subsidy programs, eliminating restrictions, especially on expiration dates;  
  • Creation of transition regulation between supported rents and affordable rent, in order to ensure the absence of discontinuities in support;  
  • Remodeling of the Porta 65 lease program: to prioritize the economic reality of young people, ending exclusions based on income limits;  
  • Emergency Program for Student Housing.  

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