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Savings in a Minute
Cozinha de casa simbolizando crédito habitação
Housing Credit Acquisition

Need a home loan? Find the best without hassle and without cost.

If you are looking for a home loan, know that it is possible to find the best on the market for you, without any hassle or cost. Understand how a credit intermediary like Poupança no Minuto can help you.

11 Jun 20243 min

Rendas mais caras em abril, depois de dois meses de estabilidade

Higher rents in April, after two months of stability.

The increase in question was 1.7%, after two stable months without much increase in rents.

13 May 20242 min

Inflação em fevereiro? Boas notícias: Na zona euro recuou para 2,6%
Mortgage Savings Credit

Inflation in February? Good news: In the euro zone it dropped to 2.6%

Good news for the month of February: The inflation rate in the eurozone is starting to slow down, having dropped to 2.6%. Find out what is at stake.

08 Mar 20242 min

Corte nas taxas de juro pode estar mais perto que o previsto no semestre passado
Mortgage Credit Transfer

Rate cuts may be closer than expected in the past semester.

The interest rate cut may be closer than expected, but until it arrives: there are also other immediate solutions for you to save on your home loan installment.

27 Feb 20243 min

Crédito habitação: Taxa de juro média diminui em dezembro
Mortgage Credit Transfer

Mortgage credit: Average interest rate decreases in December

The average interest rate on home loans dropped for the 3rd consecutive time in December 2023. Find out which values are at stake next.

23 Feb 20243 min

Taxa de inflação em Portugal aumenta para 2,3% no mês de janeiro
Mortgage Credit Transfer

Inflation rate in Portugal increases to 2.3% in the month of January.

Check out the numbers released by the National Institute of Statistics regarding January, and how to alleviate the monthly budget in this context.

23 Feb 20243 min

Simule quanto vai pagar de IMI e prepare a carteira

Simulate how much you will pay for IMI and prepare your wallet.

Do you know how much you will pay for IMI this year? There is a simulator that tells you the amount: get to know the tool and find out how to prepare your wallet for this expense.

22 Feb 20242 min

Consultores imobiliários mais positivos face à melhoria da procura
House Purchase

Real estate consultants more positive about improving demand.

The real estate market is beginning to improve now, and real estate consultants are showing more positivity. Understand what is at stake and, if you are looking to buy a house, find out how we can help you.

21 Feb 20242 min

Tenho de declarar a caução de rendas em IRS?

Do I have to declare rental deposit in IRS?

Court rules against Tax Authority and explains why. Find out more.

21 Feb 20242 min

Devo declarar em IRS as vendas que efetuo em 2.ª mão?

Do I have to declare the sales I make second-hand in IRS?

DECO PROteste clarifies: Currently, it is not necessary to declare income obtained through second-hand sales, but it may become necessary in the future. Understand what is at stake next.

20 Feb 20242 min

Reserva de um imóvel: O que é e como se distingue de um CPCV
House Purchase

Booking a property: What is it and how does it differ from a CPCV.

A reservation agreement can easily be confused with a Promissory Purchase and Sale Agreement (CPCV), but they are different contracts. Understand what reserving a property is and how it works.

20 Feb 20244 min

Arrendar casa temporariamente? Conceito tem ganho espaço no mercado

Renting a house temporarily? The concept has gained ground in the market.

Renting a house for a temporary period, between 1 and 11 months, is a concept that has emerged in the real estate market. Understand more in the article.

19 Feb 20242 min

Como validar faturas de IRS no portal e-Fatura? Passo a passo

How to validate IRS invoices on the e-Fatura portal? Step by step

Do not know how to proceed with invoice validation on the e-Fatura portal? We explain step by step how to validate and the purpose of this process.

19 Feb 20244 min

É arrendatário? Já se pode candidatar ao Subsídio de Arrendamento

Are you a tenant? You can already apply for the Rent Allowance.

Applications are now open and will extend until March 9. Find out if you are eligible to apply.

16 Feb 20242 min

8 aplicações para organizar as suas finanças

8 applications to organize your finances

Do you need to have more control over your wallet? You can organize your budget in order to boost your income, through financial organization applications. Get to know these 8 that we have gathered for you.

16 Feb 20243 min