Cozinha de casa simbolizando crédito habitação

Need a home loan? Find the best without hassle and without cost.

If you are looking for a home loan, know that it is possible to find the best on the market for you, without any hassle or cost. Understand how a credit intermediary like Poupança no Minuto can help you.

11 Jun 20243 min

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Looking to get a mortgage? Find the best proposal easily.

"What could have been a lengthy process turned into a very fast, simple and efficient process."
- Ana Rita, client of Poupança no Minuto

In the search for a mortgage, we often come across complex concepts, fine print and terms that we don't know how to interpret. Because it is a financial product with a great impact on the monthly budget, it is important for us to have access to greater transparency and simplification of the information we are contracting.

If we can find the best proposal on the market that is most suitable for us and our context, we will have greater peace of mind throughout the entire duration of the contract.

So, this is where Poupança no Minuto makes a difference! "What could initially be a time-consuming process has become a very fast, simple, and efficient process," explains Ana Rita, a Poupança client. Gonçalo Moura says he felt "informed throughout the process and everything that could be facilitated, was", and João Barreto also emphasizes that "I had already worked with other intermediary companies and honestly it was a pleasant surprise".

But what is Minuto Savings?    

The Savings in a Minute is a credit intermediary and insurance mediator that finds the best financial solutions in the market for each client. The goal is: to save people who want to save.

Not only save money, but also save time and avoid bureaucracy! This is because their agents analyze each specific case, gather market proposals and present, advising the client on the solutions available for them within the following services:  

  • Housing credit acquisition.
  • Personal credit hiring; 
  • Transfer of housing credit; 
  • Debt consolidation;  
  • Hiring and transferring insurance policies.

Throughout the whole process, you have access to a single agent who takes care of all the bureaucratic part to save you time! It simplifies all terms, fees, and charges, and provides all information transparently. It mediates communication with banks, solving all the "annoying" parts. And the best part? This is a service at no cost to you!  

Now see the reviews of some customers who have carried out their credit processes with the help of Poupança no Minuto:


Simulate your home loan and get in touch with an agent.

So, if you need to hire home credit and want to access this help, start by simulating your financing with our Simulator.

Afterwards, get in touch with one of our agents so that you can start treating savings as "tu" (informal "you").

And you can also follow the social media of Poupança no Minuto for practical and daily savings tips, as well as current news about the financial universe.


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