Uma mão a segurar chaves com um porta-chaves com uma casa que visa representar o ato de comprar casa

What should you do before buying a home?

Want to buy a property and don't know the steps to move forward with the process? We explain, in this article, three phases you should follow before buying a house, and how credit intermediaries can help.

11 Aug 20233 min

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1. Choose the property's location

The first step you should take, before buying a house, is to decide on the location where you want to live. To do this, when considering locations, you must take into account factors such as: if it is close to the professional lives of the household members, access to transportation, proximity to services, if you have or are thinking of having children, if there are schools nearby, or the distance to your support network and places you commonly visit.

So, you should make an analysis according to your specific case, weighing your current context with a future context. For example, if you use a car to get around, you won't have to worry if the location is close to transportation. However, if you plan to have a child and are buying a house for the future, remember that they will likely need to use transportation one day. Therefore, analyze all aspects to decide which is the most appropriate area for your family unit.

2. Analyze proposals from different banks

When deciding on the location, visiting the properties, and choosing the house for which you want to make a housing credit proposal, the next step is to request different credit simulations. It is relevant to ask several banks to simulate housing credit conditions so that you can analyze which one is best for you.

At this stage, if you have multiple proposals on the table, you can make a comparison between what they offer you in each one.

However, mortgage credit uses complex and unknown terms for most clients who hire it for the first time. Therefore, comparing credit simulations on your own can be difficult. In this process, you can rely on the help of credit intermediation professionals at Poupança no Minuto, who are available to assist you throughout the process and clarify all doubts, free of charge.

3. Information is power

The more informed you are about the process of buying a home with a housing loan, the less risk you will run. This is because, by understanding at least a little of what the real estate agency, credit intermediary or bank explain, you will more easily make decisions and avoid surprises.

Throughout the entire process of purchasing a property with bank financing, you may come across concepts such as spread, TAN, TAEG, property registration, CPCV, among others. Some of them may be confusing, so it is important to inform yourself as much as possible beforehand.

The information can be found on the internet, but if you want a closer and personalized support, you can clarify questions with a credit intermediary Poupança no Minuto. By using this service, you ensure firstly your financial and negotiating capability to move forward with the purchase of the house. Then, you have access to quick and assertive answers, which allows you to search and visit properties simultaneously. Don't let the lack of information prevent you from negotiating your future dream home.


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