É arrendatário? Já se pode candidatar ao Subsídio de Arrendamento

Are you a tenant? You can already apply for the Rent Allowance.

Applications are now open and will extend until March 9. Find out if you are eligible to apply.

16 Feb 20242 min

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Do you pay rent in Lisbon? Find out if you can apply for the Rent Subsidy.

According to the news released by Notícias ao Minuto, applications for the Municipal Subsidy for Affordable Rent, provided by the Lisbon City Council (CML) to support rents for relocated families and professionals, are now open, extending until March 9th.

“The applications take place online, on the  Habitar Lisboa Platform, starting at 5:00 pm, and this support is intended for those who spend 30% of their income, or more, on the monthly rent of a rented housing in the private market”, according to the City Council, quoted by the news.”

Remember that, to access this support, the regulation states that the annual value of the total income of the housing aggregate must be higher than the minimum value of 6,000 euros and lower than the maximum limit of 35,000 euros per person, or 45,000 euros per family with more than two people (plus an additional 5,000 euros per year, for each additional dependent listed in the IRS declaration).

The minimum total income limit for households was €9,870 up to now, but has now been reduced to €6,000, expanding the range of beneficiaries.

"We have lowered the access value to the Affordable Municipal Rent Subsidy to allow people who did not meet the criteria to access this program before to now be included and benefit from a monthly support in paying their rent", explains Carlos Moedas, quoted in the same publication.

In order to apply, the rented property must be located in Lisbon, with the following limits according to the rent:

Contracted typeMaximum income
Either part of the house600 euros
Translation: T1900 euros
T21150 euros
T31375 euros
T41550 euros
T51700 euros
T61850 euros
T72000 euros

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