Arrendar casa temporariamente? Conceito tem ganho espaço no mercado

Renting a house temporarily? The concept has gained ground in the market.

Renting a house for a temporary period, between 1 and 11 months, is a concept that has emerged in the real estate market. Understand more in the article.

19 Feb 20242 min

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Temporary lease grew 36% in the last year  

Temporary renting is a concept that has been gaining space in the real estate market, especially in the last year. In the last quarter of 2023, this type of renting reached 10%, with a 36% increase in just one year.  

Note that renting temporarily means renting between 1 and 11 months, now marked by a significant impact on the real estate market.  

The data is from Idealista, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto: "The share of this type of lease reached 10% in the last quarter of 2023", which "reflects an impressive annual increase of 36% in supply, signaling a striking trend in the national real estate landscape".  

In the statement released, Idealista also refers that the biggest increases in temporary rental supply "happened in small markets where this phenomenon was practically non-existent until now, and the presence of some ads caused significant rises". Rental offer

"These are the cases of Vila Real (200%), Guarda (100%), and Leiria (100%). They are followed by the cities of Braga (93%), Évora (75%), Lisbon (68%), Viseu (50%), Setúbal (46%), Coimbra (35%), Faro (29%), and Ponta Delgada (29%)."

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