5 cares you should have when visiting a property

5 cares you should have when visiting a property

Choosing our new address is a decision of great importance. Therefore, being informed about what to pay attention to during a visit can make a difference. We provide in this article 5 tips to consider.

10 Aug 20234 min

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  • Floor and wall conservation status

The first thing you should pay attention to when visiting a property is the condition of the floor and walls. Visit: https://www.casanominuto.com?utm_source=poupancanominuto&utm_medium=branded&utm_campaign=5-cuidados-que-deve-ter-ao-visitar-um-imovel

Essentially, this is to check if the house is facing any problem due to excessive humidity. If the floor is made of a material other than tiles, you may find the floor degraded, through bumps or irregularities while walking.

Also by observing the walls, you can check if the house suffers from humidity. If so, you may find mold, especially in the corners of the rooms, near the windows, or in the bathrooms.

Regarding the issue of humidity, you should know that it may be related to the lack of sunlight in the property. Therefore, during the visit, confirm the brightness by assessing the solar orientation of the house.

Furthermore, also pay attention to possible damage, risks, or holes in frames. However, this may be an easier problem to solve through a new painting.

  • External noise

When making visits to the property, always pay attention to the external noises of the house. If the location of the property is near areas with noise probability, such as airports, schools, or bar areas, you should check if it is an issue that can or cannot be corrected by window reinforcement, such as double glazing.

But you should also be careful with the noises from neighbors on the upper and lower floors, if applicable. Always try to visit at different times, preferably later in the day, to address this issue. And also ask the current owners about it.

  • Proximity of services

When visiting a property, you should also ensure that services are nearby in the location where it is located.

For example, if you don't have a car it is important to ensure that, relatively close by, you find facilities that meet your needs. Such as supermarkets, pharmacies, health centers, restaurants, or, if applicable, schools. If not, at least check if there is a good transportation network, so you can always move where you need.

If not, check if there is a shopping center nearby that combines all these services.

Weigh also your preferences: if it is important for you to have leisure areas nearby, such as places for hiking, outdoor sports, beaches, art galleries, cinemas, do a research on the location in advance to ensure that these points of interest exist in the location in question.

  • Distance from support network

Another point to consider when visiting a property, still related to location, is the distance it is from your support network.

This means if you have close family and friends, in case you need help in any way (currently or in the future). For example, if you are thinking of having children, it may be useful in an initial phase to be close to your support network. Or, even if you are not close, that you can easily access.

Therefore, the ideal when considering a property to buy is always to make several visits to test several possible paths, checking the ease of road access.

  • Thinking about the future

When visiting a property, consider the temporality factor for a future home: let's see some examples.

If you are thinking about expanding your family in the future, consider whether the house will have enough space and conditions to welcome new members. Even if you want to eventually adopt a pet, think about whether it will make sense in the property in question.

Furthermore, and still on the subject of increasing the family, remember the implications: at this moment, it may not matter that the property is close to kindergartens, schools or transportation. But if you have a child, these are services you will need.

So, when visiting to buy your next home, always consider these factors. These are issues that a real estate consultant can help you with. By mentioning all the current and future needs of your family, an agent like those at Casa no Minuto can help you choose the properties that make sense to visit. Along with credit intermediaries Poupança no Minuto, who can handle all the bureaucratic aspects in case you want to take out a mortgage.

When choosing the property and credit with which you want to move forward, the agents don't leave your side: they are with you until the last moment when you have the key to your dream home in hand.

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