8 aplicações para organizar as suas finanças

8 applications to organize your finances

Do you need to have more control over your wallet? You can organize your budget in order to boost your income, through financial organization applications. Get to know these 8 that we have gathered for you.

16 Feb 20243 min

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If you want to reduce your budget by decreasing the amount you pay for loan installments or insurance, turn to a credit intermediary/insurance mediator like Poupança no Minuto. But first, get to know these financial management applications.

Discover 8 financial organization applications  


The strengths of Monefy lie in its ease of use, being an intuitive application that allows you to use it in different currencies. Through a chart, you can control your expenses in each category, you can use the budget mode, enter multiple bank accounts, and also have access to a calculator built into the app.


Organizze - Personal Finance app available on the App Store: Organizze

With Organizze, you can control your money in real time, bringing together all your financial life in one app. In other words, you can put all your bank accounts together, manage credit card bills, predict expenses and track spending more closely. You can also share financial records with a partner.


Wally - World's 1st GPT-Powered Personal Finance App  

The Wally app comes from ChatGPT, the new personal financial assistant on the platform, which organizes your finances with charts and statistics. As an app formed from artificial intelligence, what sets it apart is the ability to ask direct questions to support financial organization. In this sense, Wally offers a personalized guide based on your needs and questions.


Anishu, Inc.

The HomeBudget application allows you to organize your accounts, income, monthly budget, expenses, charges, all through graphics and a calendar.



In the YNAB application, there are several tools that allow you to organize your wallet, such as: linking your bank accounts directly, being able to access on various devices, sharing management with another partner and splitting bills, customizing everything to your liking, accessing a loans calculator and reports of your expenses.


Mobills: Financial Control - Apps on Google Play  

Mobills is an application that promises to help you with your expenses and personal finances, so you can achieve financial freedom. Therefore, it provides simple tools that allow you to manage your income by categorizing expenses, in order to save and save money.


Spending Tracker on the App Store (apple.com)

The Spending Tracker allows you to set weekly, monthly, and annual budget goals, encouraging you to save as much as possible from budget to budget. The app tracks all your expenses, allowing you to view expenses as a whole and through reports. The entire application is customizable, including category icons.


Moneyboard Budget Planner Bill on the App Store (apple.com)

The Moneyboard Budget Planner Bill app allows you to organize your finances with a greater emphasis on visual elements. Not only through graphs, but also images. You can add photos that illustrate your expenses, helping you put your costs into perspective and have a greater awareness of what you spend.


If, when organizing your wallet, you realize that you are paying high installments for loans or insurance that you could be paying less, turn to a credit intermediary/insurance mediator. The Poupança no Minuto offers both services for free to help you renegotiate with the contracting entities your current products.  


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