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What tolls will we stop paying?

Know which tolls we will stop paying starting January 1, 2025.

07 May 20242 min

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New proposal suggests ending some tolls starting in 2025.

With the new proposal approved in Parliament, some tolls will cease to exist. The proposal was approved overall by the PS' bill, which aims to eliminate tolls on former SCUTs with votes in favor from the Socialists, Chega, BE, PCP, Livre, and PAN.

According to the places you can visit and how often, you can save significant money. 

So, we will see which sections the tolls currently charged will end at:  

  • A4 - Transmontana and Marão Tunnel,
  • A13 and A13-1 - Pinhal Interior,
  • A22 - Algarve,
  • A23 - Beira Interior,
  • North interior of A24, URL provided.
  • A25 - Coastal and High Beiras 
  • A28 - Minho in the stretches between Esposende and Antas and between Neiva and Darque.

Note that the proposal in question aims to eliminate toll fees on the sections and sub-sections of the Interior highways (formerly SCUT) or where there are no alternative roads that allow for quality and safety, so now the projects will move to the specialty process.

The measure with a budget impact of 157 million euros will come into effect on January 1, 2025, according to the PS bill.

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