Apoio à renda já foi pago aos beneficiários

Income support has already been paid to beneficiaries.

The January payment of income support has already been made, now with the reinforcement planned for 2024. Realize the amount involved, if you are entitled to this support, and learn about other solutions to increase income.  

14 Feb 20243 min

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Looking for extra income? Talk to the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto and find out what solutions we have for you! But first, read how this rental support works.

Income support has already been paid (and reinforced)

Are you entitled to income support? On February 7th, the Social Security (SS) made payments for the extraordinary support by bank transfer.

Considering that this payment now refers to the previous month, January, it already includes the reinforcement planned for 2024.  

"The payment of income support is made by reference to the previous month, which means that in January 2024, the amount for December 2023 is paid," said a source from the organization cited by the News ao Minuto publication.

In other words, the "update for 2024 will be made in February relative to the month of January 2024, and so on," according to the same news.

It should be noted that the aim of this reinforcement was to alleviate the burden on tenants facing rent increases expected for 2024, with the reinforcement being extended by 4.94%. This reinforcement is intended for families with a debt-to-income ratio exceeding 35% through the payment of a subsidy.

The measure in question came from the State Budget for 2024 and includes about 185 thousand tenants.

What are the requirements to access this support?  

Remember who is entitled to receive this support, according to DECO PROteste: 

  • Families with tax residency in Portugal;  
  • With a lease or sublease contract for first home signed until March 15, 2023 and registered with the tax authorities;
  • With annual income not exceeding the sixth tier of IRS (up to 38,632 euros);  
  • With an effort rate equal to or greater than 35% of annual income with the annual rent burden;
  • Families not required to submit the annual IRS declaration and to beneficiaries of retirement, pension or survivorship benefits, as well as to installments under the voluntary social security scheme granted to research scholarship holders;
  • In addition, beneficiaries of social benefits also have the right, as long as the annual income of the household does not exceed the sixth bracket of the IRS, up to 38,632 euros (old-age pension, survivor's pension, disability pension or social pension, unemployment benefit, parenting benefit, sick pay and occupational illness - with an allocation period of not less than one month -, social insertion income, social inclusion benefit, supplementary solidarity allowance for the elderly and support subsidy for the main informal caregiver).  

Not entitled to support or the amount is not enough? Look for another solution.

You are not entitled to this support, or the amount of support, even with reinforcement, is not enough to balance your budget? You can search for another solution. 

Turning to another support, such as personal financing that immediately boosts your finances, you can regain balance.

Though subject to interest and an additional installment, it is a support that helps you in the long term in a more challenging moment, and that you can settle as soon as you rebalance your portfolio.

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