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Rendas: Conheça os novos apoios para inquilinos

Income: Get to know the new support for tenants

The rent brake imposed in 2023 ends in December, and new supports will be implemented from January. Find out what supports are available and the impact they can have on your budget.

31 Oct 20233 min

Rendas do IHRU inalteradas em 2024, mas rendas gerais com aumento de 6,94%

IHRU rents unchanged in 2024, but general rents increase by 6.94%

In 2024, how will rental values in Portugal be? At IHRU, they will not be updated, but in general, the update will follow inflation. However, the Government will provide support for rent, subject to certain conditions. Understand better what is at stake and how to find the right rental opportunity.

20 Dec 20233 min

Aumento da renda implica um aviso com antecedência de 30 dias

Increased income implies a 30-day advance notice.

If you have not received any notice yet, your rent will not increase shortly. Note: the landlord needs to give 30 days notice in advance. Understand better, next.

05 Jan 20242 min

Com a atualização de rendas, quanto pode aumentar a renda em 2024?

With the update of rents, how much can the rent increase in 2024?

Unlike what happened in 2023, the rent update in 2024 will not have any established limit. The forecast for the update is 6.94%. So, what does this increase in rent mean?

08 Jan 20242 min

Apoio à renda já foi pago aos beneficiários

Income support has already been paid to beneficiaries.

The January payment of income support has already been made, now with the reinforcement planned for 2024. Realize the amount involved, if you are entitled to this support, and learn about other solutions to increase income.

14 Feb 20243 min

Famílias perdem apoio à renda por obrigação de assinar novos contratos

Families lose income support due to obligation to sign new contracts.

Landlords have been making tenants sign new contracts, preventing families from accessing rent support. Understand better in the following URL.

15 Apr 20242 min

Contratos de arrendamento alterados passam a ser abrangidos pelo apoio extraordinário

Leased contracts amended now covered by extraordinary support program.

Tenants with a changed, renewed, or replaced contract will once again be eligible for extraordinary rent support if their access requirements remain the same. Understand more about it next.

04 Jun 20242 min

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