Rendas do IHRU inalteradas em 2024, mas rendas gerais com aumento de 6,94%

IHRU rents unchanged in 2024, but general rents increase by 6.94%

In 2024, how will rental values in Portugal be? At IHRU, they will not be updated, but in general, the update will follow inflation. However, the Government will provide support for rent, subject to certain conditions. Understand better what is at stake and how to find the right rental opportunity.

20 Dec 20233 min

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Want to rent a house in 2024? Contact the real estate agency Casa no Minuto and let's start searching today! But first, understand what the rent prices will be next year.

IHRU income will not be updated in 2024.

The rents of the heritage belonging to the Housing and Rehabilitation Institute (IHRU) will not be updated.

IHRU has just announced that none of the 14 thousand tenants will have an increase in the monthly installment they pay for the house.

The decision is already repeated from the previous year, and, according to Notícias ao Minuto, "justified, in a statement, based on the current economic context, marked by international instability and conflicts with unpredictable consequences".  

What is the objective of the decision? "Supporting the most vulnerable families, safeguarding their incomes and contributing to keeping their right to housing safe," as read in the news.  

Overall, incomes will be updated by 6.94%  

Outside of the affordable rents program, in general, rents in Portugal will be updated by 6.94% in 2024.

However, the Government approved a 4.94% increase in income support, for families up to the 6th tier with effort rates of 35%.  

This is in order to minimize the impact of the monthly rent increase that tenants will have to pay next year due to inflation.

This was the solution that the Government found as an alternative to a new limit on rent updates, as was done for 2023, with the maximum limit set at 2%.

Renting a house: How to find the right opportunity?

But if you don't rent a property included in the IHRU program, nor have the right to Government rental support, how can you find a good opportunity to rent a house in 2024?

In search of a house to rent, you should have a real estate consultant with you to help you find the property with the conditions you are looking for.  

Furthermore, a real estate agency can negotiate the rental amount with the landlord, and assist you in the entire bureaucratic process until signing the lease contract.

Therefore, in order to find the right opportunity, ask for help! The Casa no Minuto is a real estate agency that handles the entire process close to the customer and personalized for them, so they can rent their home with the least possible impact (for them and their wallet).

In case you need financing, we can also help... The credit intermediaries at Poupança no Minuto also handle all the bureaucratic part and find the best credit proposal for you!  


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