Com a atualização de rendas, quanto pode aumentar a renda em 2024?

With the update of rents, how much can the rent increase in 2024?

Unlike what happened in 2023, the rent update in 2024 will not have any established limit. The forecast for the update is 6.94%. So, what does this increase in rent mean?

08 Jan 20242 min

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Income will be updated in 2024 with a new coefficient.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the rent update in 2024 is 6.94%. This is the highest update value since 1994, resulting in a coefficient of 1.0694.

This increase will be partially offset by the strengthening of tenant support and the portion of rents that can reduce income tax.

The 2024 update opposes the ceiling set by the government that limited rent increases to 2%. "In 2024, these can increase in line with the inflation indicator used as a reference for their update," as seen on Notícias ao Minuto news.

To find out how much you can increase your income through the implementation of this update, you have to multiply the current value by the coefficient in question (1.064 in 2024).

But let's go to some examples, with specific incomes: How much does it increase if you have an income of 500 euros? Or 1,000 euros?

How much can income increase in 2024?

In practice, let's look at some examples with rents between 300 and 1,500 euros, to get an idea of the increase. This is because the thresholds imply different increases: For a rent of 300 euros, there is an addition of 20 euros, while for a rent of 1,500 euros, an increase of over 100 euros is at stake.

Check out the different increases based on different rental values in the following table, as mentioned in the news article.

Income in 2023 Income in 2024 (with a 6.94% increase) 
300 euros320.82 euros
500 euros534.70 euros
750 euros802.05 euros
900 euros962.46 euros
1,000 euros1,069.40 euros
1,500 euros1,604.10 euros

So, these are the increases you may encounter, varying according to the amount of your income. If you want to know more specifically, simply multiply the current value by the coefficient 1.0694.  

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