Contratos de arrendamento alterados passam a ser abrangidos pelo apoio extraordinário

Leased contracts amended now covered by extraordinary support program.

Tenants with a changed, renewed, or replaced contract will once again be eligible for extraordinary rent support if their access requirements remain the same. Understand more about it next.

04 Jun 20242 min

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Income support will cover tenants with altered contracts.

Income support will now cover tenants whose lease agreement has been changed and, as it is considered new, they were not entitled currently.  

The information was provided by the Minister of the Presidency, António Leitão Amaro, at the Council of Ministers meeting to discuss measures regarding the government's new housing plan, according to Notícias ao Minuto.  

So, people who lost income support due to a change in the contract, now start receiving it again.

This is because the support in question, derived from a measure provided in the new housing strategy approved by the Government in early May, is aimed at people with a rental contract before March 15, 2023. Therefore, people with changed contracts that were considered new rental contracts lost the right to the subsidy (now recovering it).

"What we are saying is that if there was a contract before March 15, 2023, and it remains between the same parties and in the same property, this equivalence is made and allows for correcting this inequality," according to the minister, as the news reports.

This means that, maintaining the parts and the property, tenants who received support will receive it even if there is any alteration, renewal or substitution of the existing contract before March 15, 2023 - as long as the person meets the necessary requirements, such as the effort rate, with a rent payment exceeding 35%.

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