Famílias perdem apoio à renda por obrigação de assinar novos contratos

Families lose income support due to obligation to sign new contracts.

Landlords have been making tenants sign new contracts, preventing families from accessing rent support. Understand better in the following URL.

15 Apr 20242 min

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Families lose income support as landlords require signing new contracts.

The new income support created by the previous Government of António Costa requires tenants to meet requirements in order to access it.

The extraordinary value is automatically attributed to income if these requirements are met. For this, households must have effort rates exceeding 35% with the payment of housing rents, incomes up to the sixth IRS bracket (up to 39,791 euros annually), and rental contracts signed by March 15, 2023. Extraordinary value .

So, according to the Público, there are now families losing this support because the landlords are forcing them to sign new contracts.

Even if they continue to stay in the same house and meet the remaining requirements to access the support, they can no longer access it for the duration of the contract.

This is due to the rule that significantly limits the beneficiaries of the support: only contracts signed until March 15, 2023 are covered.

In other words, if the contract has been resigned after that date, even if it was at the landlord's request, families can no longer receive this support.

Only this year, Natália Nunes, coordinator of the financial protection office at DECO, explains to Público that there have already been "more than a hundred requests from families who, despite understanding that the requirements have been met", have not been receiving the support and without "any explanation" for it.  

The coordinator noted that several families claim to have lost support because they were forced to sign new contracts.

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