Prémio salarial: Não terá direito se for dependente no IRS

Wage award: You will not be entitled if you are dependent on IRS

This is one of the requirements in order to access the salary prize: Being a self-employed individual in the IRS, warns the Tax Authority.

16 Apr 20242 min

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"To benefit from the salary prize, you must be subject to IRS as a self-employed individual."

The wage award granted to young people by the Government has some requirements, one of them being: The Tax Authority (AT) clarifies that, for young people to benefit from this support, they cannot be listed as dependents in their parents' IRS statement.  

In other words, in order to access this benefit, young people will have to submit their tax return this year as independent taxpayers, within the legal deadline.

"I may be eligible to benefit from the salary award if my income is included in my parents' IRS statement as a dependent? No. In order to benefit from the salary award, you must be a taxpayer (self-employed) of IRS, with a statement submitted within the legal deadline," clarifies the AT in a post shared on the Facebook social network.

So, if a young person applied for the salary prize and has now filed the IRS with their parents as a dependent, they will not receive the benefit amount.

Remember that the salary prize is a financial incentive awarded to young people in order to reward them for pursuing higher education and contribute to the valorization of the income of qualified young workers within the country.

On the other hand, the Tax Authority ensures that – once the conditions for the salary award are verified – the payment will be made by July 30, and applications can be submitted until May.

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