Como receber o prémio salarial de reembolso das propinas?

How to receive the salary prize refund from tuition fees?

The scholarship prize for young students is now available, so they can receive the corresponding tuition fees. However, the requirements have some nuances: Find out if you are eligible to receive.

26 Feb 20243 min

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How does the salary award work for refunding tuition fees to youth?

The salary award as a refund of tuition fees for young people, provided in the State Budget for 2024 (OE2024), is now available, and requests can be made from now on.

The cost can range between 697 and 1,500 euros , equivalent to the tuition fee over a period corresponding to the number of years of the course - up to four years for bachelor's degrees, six years for integrated master's degrees, and two years for master's degrees.  

What are the requirements to qualify for receiving this award?

The rules have now been published, so the necessary requirements to apply for the award are already known. Youths can apply: 

  • Until 35 years old, including, in the premium reimbursement year; 
  • With a bachelor's and/or master's degree in Portugal, or abroad, but recognized in Portugal as having a level, objectives, and nature identical to Portuguese degrees;  
  • Receive work income on behalf of others (category A), or independently (category B);
  • That they have submitted the income declaration for IRS purposes within the legal deadline;  
  • With the tax situation regularized, before the Tax Authority (AT), at the time of the premium refund;
  • With tax residence in Portugal;
  • Those who have completed their studies from 2023 onwards, or before that if the number of years elapsed since obtaining the academic degree is less than the number of years planned to finish the undergraduate or master's degree.  

How do I apply for the salary prize request?

To apply for and request the salary award for tuition refund, you must fill out the available electronic form on the ePortugal Portal using your Digital Mobile Key or Citizen Card.

You can do it by the end of May of the following year after the verification of the requirements for its attribution. 

The request is made to the General Directorate of Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC) and an opinion is issued to the Tax Authority (AT) within 30 days. From there, the AT communicates its decision regarding the application within 30 days, with a deadline of July 30th. 

The respective refund amount is made via bank transfer to the IBAN registered with the Tax Authority when the status of the process shows as "Confirmed".

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