Pediu o prémio salarial? Saiba o que significa cada estado do processo

Requested a raise? Learn the meaning of each stage of the process.

If you have already requested your salary prize, understand the evolution of each stage of the process until you have the money in your account.

14 May 20242 min

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What does each status of the process mean after requesting the salary award?  

The salary award can now be requested during this month of May. However, the question that arises now is understanding the meaning of each state of the process as soon as the request is submitted.

There are several steps to go through before effectively receiving the money in your account. According to the Tax Authority in response to frequently asked questions, these are the states and their meanings after submitting the request:

Awaiting payment - Waiting for processing to issue the payment;  

Transfer issued - Payment order has already been given, should be received in the bank account in the next few days;

Paid transfer - Payment received in the bank account; 

Waiting for IBAN confirmation - Check if your IBAN is registered in the Tax Authority Portal and if it is in the "confirmed" status;

Bank transfer rejected - The payment order was rejected by your bank so you should update your IBAN on the Finance Portal.

Note that this is an award that can be requested by young workers and residents in Portugal, of Portuguese or foreign nationality, up to the year in which they turn 35, as a reward for having obtained bachelor's or master's degrees.  

However, it applies only to those who have completed their studies from 2023, or before that if the number of years elapsed since obtaining the academic degree is less than the number of years scheduled to complete the bachelor's or master's degree.  

The goal is to provide financial support for continuing higher education and contribute to the appreciation of income from the work of qualified young people to work in the country.

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