Conheça 4 dicas para pagar menos com o contrato de telecomunicações

Discover 4 tips to pay less with the telecommunications contract.

The DECO PROteste shared 4 tips that can help you start saving on your telecommunications contract: Find out what they are.

29 Jan 20243 min

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Pay less for your communications contract? It's possible.

According to DECO PROteste, there are several options to save money on your telecommunications contract. With the price increases of 2024 by various operators, due to inflation and overall price hikes in the market, it may be important to find strategies to pay less.

According to the organization, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto, learn these 4 tips to lower the monthly payment of your contract:

Must negotiate with the operator  

There are those who are satisfied with the operator, but want to change the tariff plan. Without commitment or with the plan combined with other services, you will have to negotiate with the operator what can be changed, to reduce the monthly fee.

Find other proposals

"Do not forget to analyze the proposals from the competition. Compare the offers on the DECO PROteste's simulator. If you find what you want at a lower price than the one proposed by your operator, start by negotiating with them. Before submitting the proposal, make sure you get a service suitable for your usage, especially if it involves the mobile phone."

Is it worth changing the mobile tariff plan?  

"If you change your mobile tariff, the change is only free the first time. Analyze well your usual call, text message, and data consumption to make sure you choose a tariff compatible with the usage you usually or intend to have."

In general, the change from one prepaid plan to another is simple and quick: just go to the customer area of ​​the operator's website or call customer support (paid call). To switch to a postpaid plan, you will need to fill out a registration form at a store or on the company's website.

Before changing your mobile phone to another operator or adding it to other services, make sure the device is unlocked. Otherwise, you may have to pay for unlocking in order to use another company's SIM card."  

Do you have all the information you need to know?  

"If you made a long-distance telecommunications contract, that is, by phone, internet or through a commercial that came to your home, make sure that the operator provided you with all the mandatory information. This information should include, at minimum, the service characteristics, prices, company contacts, loyalty program details, conditions for eventual early cancellation, and the right of free resolution."

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