Mãos à janela de carro com notas de 10 euros para simbolizar pagamento de IUC

Do you have a car? Here are three important points about IUC.

Pay attention to these three important points highlighted by the Tax Authority on their social media regarding the Vehicle Tax (IUC).

07 May 20242 min

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Vehicle owners must pay the annual Vehicle Tax (IUC) for automobiles annually.

If you are the owner of a car, you should know that you will have to pay the Single Circulation Tax - IUC. It is a tax obligation due by individuals or legal entities that own a vehicle.

The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) highlighted, on the social network Facebook, three important points that you should know regarding this tax.

These are the three pieces of information you should consider regarding the IUC:  

  • It is annual in frequency;
  • The payment is due on the enrollment date and respective birthdays, regardless of use or enjoyment;
  • It is due until the registration is canceled.

Furthermore, and according to the ePortugal portal, "in the first year of registration, including imported vehicles, the IUC must be paid up to 30 days after the deadline for the legal registration of the vehicle".  

"If you bought the vehicle firsthand from a car dealership, payment is made at the time of purchase. In all other cases, the IUC must be paid during the month of the vehicle registration , until you are no longer the owner or until the registration is canceled. In the case of pleasure boats and aircraft, the IUC must be paid in January", can also be read in the explanation of this tax.

Learn more about what it is, when it is paid, and what changes in 2024 in the IUC, here.

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