Calendário fiscal: Conheça os prazos de pagamento destes impostos em 2024

Tax calendar: Learn about the payment deadlines for these taxes in 2024.

The tax calendar for 2024 is already known, specifically for IRS, IUC, and IMI. Do you pay any of these? Then stay informed about the following deadlines.

19 Jan 20243 min

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Mark on your calendar: These are the tax payment dates you should know.

Attention, put in your schedule all the following deadlines to consider in your context, so you do not default and prepare for the expenses in question. This is an alert given on social networks by the Ministry of Finance, which lists the dates you should pay attention to, related to IRS, IUC, and IMI.

We then schedule by tax:  

Personal Income Tax (IRS)

  • February 15 – Deadline to report the household aggregate;  
  • February 26 - Deadline to validate the invoices on the Finance Portal;
  • March 15 - Availability on the Finance Portal of the amounts of expenses considered for deduction relative to the collection and expenses and charges related to the activity;
  • April 1 - Deadline to claim general and family expenses invoices;  
  • June 30 - Deadline for submitting IRS declaration.  

Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

  • May 31 - Deadline for payment of the 1st installment;  
  • August 31 - Deadline to pay the 2nd installment, in values over 500 euros;  
  • November 30 - Deadline for payment of the 2nd installment, in case of amounts less than 500 euros;  
  • November 30 - It is also considered the deadline for the 3rd installment, for those with IMI values ​​exceeding 500 euros and have not yet fully settled, having opted for payment in 3 installments

Single Vehicle Tax (SUT) 

For those who own a car, they must pay this tax. In 2024, note that the payment deadline remains the same and depends on each vehicle.  

In other words, you must pay the IUC by the last day of the month corresponding to the registration of the vehicle. For example, if your car is registered in December, you can pay until December 31st. You can always pay in advance one month before the due date, but after that you can only pay if the last day of the month falls on a weekend: in this case, you can pay until the next business day.

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