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Insurance mediator
Mediação de seguros: “Sem sombra de dúvidas, foi essencial”
Insurance Mediation

Insurance mediation: "Without a doubt, it was essential"

When hiring an insurance policy, it is essential to be informed about the various market options so you can choose the most suitable one for you. But how can an insurance broker help in this process? Find out how, through the words of an insured who went through the experience.

13 Dec 20233 min

Crédito habitação: Transferir seguro de vida pode ajudar a baixar a prestação?
Life Insurance Credit

Mortgage credit: Can transferring life insurance help lower the monthly payment?

You may already be aware that it is possible to transfer your mortgage credit to another bank. But did you know that you can also transfer your mortgage life insurance to a new insurer? And the savings can be significant, achieving better conditions as well. It's true, find out more about it next.

20 Oct 20235 min

Seguro de vida pode ser declarado no IRS?
Life Insurance

Can life insurance be declared on tax returns?

Only workers with fast-paced professions, disabled individuals, or subscribers of Retirement Savings Plans (PPR) can include life insurance expenses in their IRS declaration. Understand the requirements and limits for these cases.

08 Nov 20234 min

Como preparar a casa para o Halloween sem gastar muito?
Mortgage Savings Credit

How to prepare the house for Halloween without spending a lot?

Want to celebrate Halloween, but on a tight budget? Don't worry: We give you some ideas so you can decorate your home (and food) to be scary.

10 Oct 20233 min

Medicina de Precisão: Saiba porque deve ter esta cobertura no seu seguro de vida
Life Insurance

Precision Medicine: Find out why you should have this coverage in your life insurance.

Do you know about the Precision Medicine field? This is an area increasingly being researched in Portugal and, currently, already included in life insurance coverage. Understand what this option represents and why you should consider it.

03 Nov 20235 min

Poupar no crédito habitação: Juros bonificados retroagem a janeiro
Mortgage Savings Credit

Saving on mortgage: Discounted interest rates date back to January.

So that the Portuguese can save on their housing loans, the Government has announced support measures for mortgage financing. One of them is the interest rate subsidy and it has now been announced that it will be retroactive to January. Let's see how this measure will work and what other options exist to save on your housing loan.

26 Oct 20234 min

Black Friday: 3 dicas para aproveitar ao máximo

Black Friday: 3 tips to make the most out

Black Friday is approaching and it is important to inform yourself beforehand about savings tips, but also to be alert so you are not deceived as a consumer. So, check out 3 tips to make the most of the discounts on the next November 24th.

09 Nov 20234 min

Dificuldade em pagar casa aumenta: Como baixar prestação do crédito?
Mortgage Savings Credit

Difficulty in paying home increases: How to lower loan installment?

The difficulty in paying for housing by the Portuguese has increased with the context of rising interest rates and inflation that we are going through. In times like these, find out how to lower the installment of your mortgage.

24 Nov 20235 min

Como serão os aumentos das pensões em 2024?
Mortgage Savings Credit

How will pension increases be in 2024?

After the resignation of the Prime Minister, António Costa, uncertainty hung over the measures planned in the State Budget for 2024. As for pension increases, it has already been confirmed that they will move forward, but by how much?

15 Dec 20233 min

IRS: Como é tributado um PPR e como poupar no imposto?
Mortgage Savings Credit

IRS: How is retirement savings taxed and how to save on taxes?

How does the taxation of a pension savings plan (PPR) work in terms of IRS? According to the Tax Authority (AT), there are five factors to consider for this purpose. Let's see what they are and in what other ways you can save on the 2023 tax.

04 Dec 20232 min

Posso contratar um seguro online?
Insurance Mediation

Can I hire insurance online?

Hiring insurance online is possible, but has its advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to pay attention to some issues when subscribing to this product digitally. For that, you can also ask for help from an insurance mediator.

13 Dec 20233 min

Inflação a 2,9% em 2024? Previsões assim o apontam. Saiba o que mudou
Mortgage Savings Credit

Inflation at 2.9% in 2024? Such predictions point to it. Find out what has changed.

The inflation rate in 2024 will not be as high as previously estimated. The new information now contradicts the previously reported 3.6%, forecasting 2.9% instead. Find out what has changed and how to reorganize your monthly budget.

26 Dec 20233 min

5 dicas para comprar (e poupar) nos saldos

5 tips for buying (and saving) on sales

The sales have already started and it can be a great time to buy that piece you need or have always wanted at lower prices. But how to find the best opportunities safely? Check out 5 tips in this article.

29 Dec 20233 min

O que pode impactar o valor do meu seguro de vida?
Life Insurance

What can impact the value of my life insurance?

There are several factors that can condition the amount you pay for your life insurance, depending on the risk that insurance companies incur when granting you the contract. Find out which ones in this article.

08 Jan 20243 min

Poupar mais de 1.300 euros por ano? Experimente a estratégia das 52 semanas
Mortgage Savings Credit

Save over 1,300 euros per year? Try the 52 weeks strategy.

Do you need to save money in 2024 for a larger margin in your monthly family budget, or for a future project? There are several strategies you can use, such as the 52-week challenge. Have you heard of it? Find out how it works, next.

15 Jan 20244 min