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IRS: Mudança no agregado familiar? Tem de declarar até ao final do mês
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IRS: Change in household? Must declare by end of the month.

You have until the 31st of this month to declare the change in household composition. Read the Tax Authority's alert and how to save on the 2023 IRS.

27 Dec 20232 min

IRS: 2024 traz descida das taxas para os primeiros cinco escalões
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IRS: 2024 brings decrease in rates for the first five brackets

The year 2024 continues to bring favorable news in the financial landscape: what you pay in income tax may decrease, depending on your income bracket. Find out if you are included, then how to further ease your monthly budget.

11 Jan 20243 min

Calendário fiscal: Conheça os prazos de pagamento destes impostos em 2024
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Tax calendar: Learn about the payment deadlines for these taxes in 2024.

The tax calendar for 2024 is already known, specifically for IRS, IUC, and IMI. Do you pay any of these? Then stay informed about the following deadlines.

19 Jan 20243 min

Afinal, quem beneficia mais com as alterações ao IRS?
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Who benefits most from changes to the IRS?

Analysis reveals that changes to the IRS will benefit families with higher incomes.

22 Jan 20242 min

O que muda em sede do IRS com o OE2024?
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What changes in terms of IRS with the OE2024?

Find out what will change in terms of IRS with the changes imposed by the new State Budget.

29 Jan 20242 min

Já comunicou o seu agregado familiar às Finanças? Atenção ao IRS
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Have you informed your household to the Tax Authorities? Attention to IRS

Do not miss this date, as it may have an impact on your annual IRS statement.

12 Feb 20242 min

Devo declarar em IRS as vendas que efetuo em 2.ª mão?

Do I have to declare the sales I make second-hand in IRS?

DECO PROteste clarifies: Currently, it is not necessary to declare income obtained through second-hand sales, but it may become necessary in the future. Understand what is at stake next.

20 Feb 20242 min

Tenho de declarar a caução de rendas em IRS?

Do I have to declare rental deposit in IRS?

Court rules against Tax Authority and explains why. Find out more.

21 Feb 20242 min

Como validar faturas de IRS no portal e-Fatura? Passo a passo

How to validate IRS invoices on the e-Fatura portal? Step by step

Do not know how to proceed with invoice validation on the e-Fatura portal? We explain step by step how to validate and the purpose of this process.

19 Feb 20244 min

Tem direito ao IRS Jovem? Saiba como funciona

Do you qualify for Youth IRS? Learn how it works.

Are you between 18 and 26 years old and already working? You may be eligible for Young IRS for five years. Find out if you meet all the requirements and what exemptions you can access next.

01 Mar 20242 min

IRS: Já pode reclamar erros que detetar nas suas deduções

IRS: You can now challenge errors detected in your deductions.

The deadline is from March 15 to 31, by which you must verify your provisional deductions for IRS purposes and claim in case of errors. Understand better next.

22 Mar 20242 min

Porque o reembolso do IRS poderá ser menor este ano?

Why could the IRS refund be lower this year?

Are you counting on the IRS refund? Note that the amount may be lower this year, and you may even be asked to pay. Understand what is at stake.

02 Apr 20242 min

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