Porque o reembolso do IRS poderá ser menor este ano?

Why could the IRS refund be lower this year?

Are you counting on the IRS refund? Note that the amount may be lower this year, and you may even be asked to pay. Understand what is at stake.

02 Apr 20242 min

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IRS: Refund may be lower or even zero this year.

This year, the IRS refund may be smaller, or you may even be asked to pay, even if you never have before.  

A DECO PROteste explains that the submission of the IRS declaration in 2024, in the light of the income from 2023, will now be different due to the change made in the withholding tax tables. 

Soraia Leite, spokesperson for DECO, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto, warns that the fact that the new tables, already in force since July 2023, "have given an immediate relief in taxpayers' wallets, now it may be required to pay when submitting the IRS declaration".

What made the verification and validation of invoices with deductible expenses for IRS even more important, with the process gaining even more relevance.  

The spokesperson of the association emphasizes that all taxpayers should "reflect" the deductions in the IRS declaration "to minimize the impact of changes in source withholding tables."

This is because, if there are errors in expenses related to housing, education, health or nursing homes, "when the taxpayer is filling out the IRS", "they should delete the pre-filled amount and replace it with the correct value ", as pointed out by Soraia Leite, according to the news. & Nbsp;

Note that the delivery of the IRS declaration will take place from April 1 to June 30, and throughout this period you can always correct or replace the declaration at no cost.

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