IRS: Mudança no agregado familiar? Tem de declarar até ao final do mês

IRS: Change in household? Must declare by end of the month.

You have until the 31st of this month to declare the change in household composition. Read the Tax Authority's alert and how to save on the 2023 IRS.

27 Dec 20232 min

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If you had a child in 2023, you need to change the tax situation of the household.

If you had a child in 2023, you need to declare the change in your household to the Tax Office, so that it is counted for IRS purposes.

As the Tax Authority clarifies in a Facebook post, the tax situation of a household is accounted for in IRS until December 31st. In other words, you only have a few days left to make the change.

If you had a child, they will be included in the 2023 statement, submitted in 2024.

"The IRS is calculated annually and considers your tax situation and your household on December 31," reads the tax office's publication.

That is to say – exemplifies – "If you had a child in December of this year, they will already be part of the household for IRS purposes in 2023".  

Save on IRS for 2023

Note that this can be a beneficial act in terms of IRS, as it will bring more deductions and the probability of a higher refund.  

If you also want to increase your chances of saving with this tax, don't forget to keep validating all invoices in which you entered your taxpayer number, that appear on your e-Fatura portal.

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