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Calendário fiscal: Conheça os prazos de pagamento destes impostos em 2024
Mortgage Savings Credit

Tax calendar: Learn about the payment deadlines for these taxes in 2024.

The tax calendar for 2024 is already known, specifically for IRS, IUC, and IMI. Do you pay any of these? Then stay informed about the following deadlines.

19 Jan 20243 min

IUC: O que é, quando se paga e o que muda em 2024
Personal Car Loan

IUC: What it is, when it is paid, and what changes in 2024

Do you have a car? Find out why you have to pay the vehicle tax, how much it is, and what changes this year.

11 Mar 20244 min

IMT: Imóveis para revenda comprados antes do Mais Habitação têm direito a isenção?

IMT: Real estate for resale purchased before Mais Habitação are entitled to exemption?

The Tax Authority clarifies which resale properties are entitled to IMT exemption under the Mais Habitação program.

14 Mar 20242 min

Imposto do Selo na compra de casa: O que é e quando pago?
Housing Credit Acquisition

Stamp Duty on home purchase: What is it and when is it paid?

The Stamp Duty is the oldest in the Portuguese tax system. It is paid at various moments, but with a greater impact on the purchase of a property. Find out how it works and what are the rates at the following URL.

25 Mar 20243 min

Calculadora com tax 2024, IMI, caneta, caderno, óculos, clips e moedas em cima de folhas sob mesa

If you are a homeowner, mark your calendar: May brings IMI payments.

For property owners or landowners, May brings the payment of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) by the end of 2023. Find out if you may be exempt from this payment and, if not, what is the deadline to pay.

06 May 20243 min

Mãos à janela de carro com notas de 10 euros para simbolizar pagamento de IUC

Do you have a car? Here are three important points about IUC.

Pay attention to these three important points highlighted by the Tax Authority on their social media regarding the Vehicle Tax (IUC).

07 May 20242 min

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