Qual a melhor estratégia para poupar energia?

What is the best strategy to save energy?

Want to save on household energy? DECO PROteste conducted a test to determine the best strategy. Read more at:  

02 Apr 20242 min

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"To spend less energy, behaviors need to change"

Do you know what is the best strategy to save energy? According to DECO PROteste, "to spend less energy, it is necessary to change behaviors and choose efficient equipment".

The data is taken from a test conducted by the organization and shared by Notícias ao Minuto, concluding that "energy savers are useless".

The consumer advocacy organization recommends choosing efficient devices and changing behaviors in order to reduce electricity consumption and save energy.

"All consumers want to save electricity and, perhaps for this reason, small devices have been on sale for several years that advertise reducing electricity consumption by up to 30%. In 2015, DECO PROteste analyzed a set of these devices and concluded that they did nothing. Worse: some revealed failures in electrical safety," is DECO's advice, as reported in the news.

The test was repeated almost a decade later, and only "one difference was found: no device showed electrical safety failures", however "all still without reducing electricity consumption, so having the device on or off will make no difference".  

So, in order to effectively save energy, "it is necessary to change behaviors and choose efficient equipment."  

To download the electricity bill, start by checking, on the DECO PROteste electricity and natural gas tariff simulator, if you have the tariff that allows you to pay less for your home's consumption. Regarding appliances, the devices that generally consume the most are the portable electric heater - used when it's cold -, the refrigerator, and the washing and drying machines, as well as the dishwasher", is the recommendation given by the entity.  

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