Portugal é o segundo país a consumir menos energia: Sabe como poupar?

Portugal is the second country to consume less energy: Do you know how to save?

Did you know that Portugal is the second country where families consume the least energy? Understand what is at stake and how you can save energy, then.

09 Feb 20242 min

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Portugal is among countries where families consume less energy "per capita".

According to data from Pordata, disclosed in a publication on the social network X (formerly Twitter), Portuguese families are among the lowest consumers of energy in the European Union (EU).

Portugal was considered, in 2022, the second least energy-consuming country in the EU "per capita".  

"Portugal was the 2nd country in the EU where families consumed the least energy 'per capita', with 285 kilograms of oil equivalent, as stated in the publication by Pordata."

In addition, the company mentions that the amount in question is "about half of the European average (542) and much lower than the biggest consumers, the Finns (1,016)."

Do you know how to save energy?

To save energy and have a more efficient home, pay attention to the following tips: 

  • Put thermal insulation at home - Prevents the property from overheating with heat and functions as a thermal layer in the cold, eliminating the need for heating or cooling equipment that consumes a lot of energy;
  • The placement of efficient windows also offers thermal comfort and sound insulation;  
  • Energy efficient appliances like an air conditioner also save much more energy than, for example, an electric heater;  
  • In addition, you can invest in hot water production systems, such as heat pumps or hybrid water heaters, as they can save more than 50% of energy in heating water. More reductions.
  • Switching home lighting to LED bulbs;  
  • In the process of choosing appliances, opt for low consumption equipment (with an energy class equal to or higher than A++);
  • Finally, solar panels, despite requiring an initial investment, can reduce a home's consumption by about 60%.

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