Conheça 5 soluções para uma casa mais eficiente

Discover 5 solutions for a more efficient home

Given the context we are going through of an energy crisis, with the beginning of the war in Ukraine, it is important to know solutions to make our home more energy efficient. So, in order to stop the monthly energy bill from getting worse, how can I make my home more efficient?

02 Jan 20244 min

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Put thermal insulation in the house.

For a house to be energy efficient, it is important to have good thermal insulation.

This is because, in moments of high heat, the insulation prevents the property from overheating, and in cold moments, it acts as a protective layer and retains the heat from the heating system.

Did you know that without proper insulation, an average of 30% of heat is lost? 25% through walls and doors, and 20% through windows.

Through thermal insulation, it is possible to avoid this loss of internal heat and achieve a saving of around 10% in monthly energy costs.

Switch to efficient windows

In the same vein, you can switch your windows to efficient windows that provide thermal comfort and sound insulation.  

With efficient windows, you can save on your monthly energy bill, but in the short term they require an initial investment. Click here for more information.

To install windows, you need to know the width and height of each window in your property, which ones you want to replace, the type of opening in each, and the orientation of the house.

Afterwards, you must choose which company you want to install. At this point, you should note that it needs to be a company registered in the CLASSE+ energy labeling system.

Request budget proposals from different companies, and choose the one that pleases you the most in terms of energy savings, quality and cost.  

3. Opt for more efficient devices, such as LED bulbs.

If you don't have efficient appliances at home, the energy bill can skyrocket with extreme temperatures. In winter, with heating appliances, the bill can be more expensive by about 20%.  

That's why it's important to have energy-efficient appliances, such as an air conditioner, which is four times more efficient than an electric heater.  

Furthermore, you can also invest in hot water production systems, such as heat pumps, or hybrid water heaters, which can reduce more than 50% of energy when heating water.

Another way to save a lot on energy consumption is to replace home lights with LED lamps. This is because these lamps are more efficient, last longer, and illuminate faster. But you should still remember to turn off lights when not in use.

All these options may imply a higher initial investment, but the amount you end up saving monthly on your energy bill ends up being worth it in the long run.

Or choose equipment with low power consumption

In the case of being in the process of choosing appliances, know that, for your home to become more energy efficient, you should choose low-consumption equipment.

This means that since the energy consumption of larger appliances accounts for over 40% in a household, one should purchase equipment that consumes less.

To save on your energy bill every month, you should choose appliances with an energy class equal to or higher than A++.

5. Solar panels can offset the investment.

Also solar panels are a great option for initial investment, but they make a house much more energy-efficient.

To get an idea, the installation of solar panels reduces around 60% of consumption in a house.  

There are several options for solar panels, and they can be installed in households. Thermal solar panels transform daily solar energy into heating the water accumulated in a tank, and photovoltaic solar panels capture sunlight to convert it into electrical energy for household use.

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