Evitar desperdício alimentar para poupar? Nove em cada 10 portugueses já o fazem

Avoid food waste to save? Nine out of 10 Portuguese already do it.

Study indicates that the Portuguese are better organizing their food budget and avoiding food waste in order to save money. Learn more about the issue.

03 Apr 20242 min

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Nine out of 10 Portuguese people avoid food waste to save. URLs and HTML preserved.

According to the European Barometer by Cetelem (the commercial brand of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance group), cited by Notícias ao Minuto, the Portuguese are now more attentive to their budget, avoiding food waste.

Ninety percent of Portuguese people already avoid wasting food to save money on their monthly budget.

"Portuguese people also indicate being more attentive to the food budget (84%) and avoiding food waste (90%). When shopping, 91% of respondents say they are taking advantage of promotions and special offers more and opting to buy cheaper brands (83%)," the news article reads.

In addition, 66% of Portuguese also indicate that food expenses have increased, advancing with a change in habits and consumption behavior.

"30% had to limit or even give up expenses on food products due to lack of financial means. 44% also claim to have given up certain products, such as meat or fish, and buy fewer 'environmentally friendly' products (46%), such as organic products. 29% even reveal that they have started to eat less," the publication also states.

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