Estudo indica que portugueses querem poupar mais em 2024

Study indicates that Portuguese people want to save more in 2024

Portuguese people intend to save more this year, after a 2023 with less purchasing power. Understand what is at stake next.  

21 Mar 20242 min

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"In 2024, the Portuguese want to have greater control over budgets" 

According to Barometer, in 2024 the Portuguese want to have greater control over their budgets and plan to take measures to save more.

The data is from the European Barometer of Cetelem - a commercial brand of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance group - and reveals that more than half of Portuguese people (61%) are planning to save more this year, with 42% believing they will increase expenses in 2024.

"In 2024, the Portuguese people want to have more control over their budgets. 42% expect an increase in expenses and 61% will take measures to save on a daily basis, by taking advantage of promotions or buying more affordable products", one can read in a press release sent to the newsrooms.

On the other hand, the percentage of Portuguese people who want to spend has decreased from 48% to 46%. However, those who claim to want to spend consider that "they do not always have the means to do so". This reflects that the purchasing power has decreased in the last year, so "these numbers are not surprising".

Even though there are bigger plans to save in 2024, the Portuguese still have consumer desires, with "trips at the top of the list (60%), followed by appliances (41%) and furniture (36%)." More: save in 2024.

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