Quais foram os preços médios das rendas em janeiro?

What were the average rental prices in January?

In some Portuguese municipalities, average rental prices increased in January, but it is worth noting that in two municipalities the rent went down. Find out which ones, next.

09 Feb 20242 min

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Average rental prices in Portugal are rising again in January.

The average rental prices increased again in January in several municipalities in Portugal. But there were municipalities where there was a decrease in average prices.

"Amadora (+9% to 1,200 euros), Loures (+8% to 1,300 euros) and Oeiras (+8% to 1,650 euros) are the municipalities in mainland Portugal leading the increase in average rent in January, compared to December," as disclosed by Imovirtual in a statement, according to a Notícias ao Minuto news.

However, note that in Torres Vedras the average prices of rentals decreased 11%, and in Lourinhã 2%. Which corresponds to 850 euros and 1,500 euros, respectively.

According to the information website, the Imovirtual statement also states that "Lourinhã (750 euros), Alenquer (800 euros) and Torres Vedras (1,050 euros) are among the municipalities with the lowest rents in the Lisbon district."

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