Parque das Nações: O bairro que cresceu com a Expo’98

Parque das Nações: The neighborhood that grew with Expo'98.

The Nations Park was a redeveloped area with the project of the World Exhibition, with its theme "The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future", focused on honoring the navigators of the Portuguese Discoveries. Since then, it has become a residential and urban reference area. Will it be the ideal place to settle down? Understand the history of this area, and what it has to offer to its residents.

10 Aug 20236 min

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Expo'98: 25 years ago, Parque das Nações came to life.

On May 22, 1998, 25 years ago, Expo'98 was inaugurated: the largest exhibition ever held in Portugal. Completely transformed into a residential area of reference, it was recovered from a degraded area by the riverside.

It all started when journalist and writer António Mega Ferreira and translator, politician and writer Vasco Graça Moura, both leading the Commission for the Commemorations of the 500 years of Portuguese Discoveries, decided that they wanted to move forward with a world exhibition in Portuguese lands in 1989. The project was accepted by President Cavaco Silva at the time, and taken to the Bureau International d'Expositions, which ended up winning the Lisbon World Exhibition of 1998.

The chosen area was this eastern part of the capital, degraded and polluted, located between Cabo Ruivo and the Trancão river, along 50 hectares. Throughout its recovery and construction, between 1989 and 1998, many did not believe that the exhibition would be ready on time. This was not the case when, on May 22, 3,900 VIP guests invited by the then president Jorge Sampaio, along with 100,000 people, visited the inauguration of Expo'98.

Several events were taking place, such as the "olharapos" parade and the light and sound show, at midnight, "aquamatrix", in front of the Oceanário. The mascot Gil, representing a tribute to the navigator Gil Eanes, was created by the painter António Modesto, and the logo by the advertiser Augusto Tavares Dias.

With the aim of marking the historical importance of the Portuguese expansion, Expo 98' represented not only a sensitization of visitors to the responsibility of preserving the oceans, but also an urban and environmental requalification of one of the areas that is now a point of reference in the city of Lisbon. local de referência

Today, Parque das Nações is a stage for cultural events.

With the construction of emblematic spaces like the current Altice Arena, the Pavilion of Knowledge, and the Casino de Lisboa, Expo'98 became the venue for most of Lisbon's cultural events.

For example, with international artists passing through Altice Arena on their tours, with grand production shows, and performances happening at the Casino de Lisboa.

Other popular sites to visit include the Lisbon Oceanarium, Vasco da Gama Tower, the cable car, a skatepark, the Marina and its Nautical Center, and several bars and viewpoints with a clear view of the river.

In addition to large green areas, Parque das Nações is ideal for walks along the river, in areas suitable for pedestrians, for running, or for cycling and skating, on the bike path.

Restaurants and services? There is no shortage in this area.

The Expo is home to a wide range of restaurants, of various nationalities. From Italians, to sushi, Koreans, Chinese, Spanish, and restaurants with typical Portuguese food, there is gastronomy for all tastes. From Portuguese chefs, we highlight "Cantinho do Avillez" (holder of a Michelin star) and "Arigato".

Living in Parque das Nações is not a challenge at all. Because there is no shortage of services around: here, you will find the Vasco da Gama Shopping Center, with a supermarket, dining options and all kinds of shops that meet various needs.

Outside the Shopping Center, there are supermarkets on the streets, shops, international schools, driving schools, police stations, CUF Descobertas Hospital, a Justice Campus, and a Tax Office.

To Oriental, reaches any point in the country and beyond.

And it is in Parque das Nações that the famous Oriente station was built, which is a center where it is possible to make short, medium, and also long-distance trips.

The Orient brings together the most varied connections: by metro, with the red line, trains, taxi station and buses. From here, you can reach any point within the country, and also to other European countries by road, such as Spain and France.

In terms of distances, from Oriente station you can reach the center of Lisbon in less than 10 minutes (by both public transport and car).

Half an hour's drive away, you can also reach the beautiful beaches of Portugal, whether on the Costa da Caparica side or on the beaches of Oeiras and Cascais.

And the best part... The Parque das Nações is located right next to the international airport of Lisbon. In 5 minutes, you can catch a plane.

I want to buy a house in Parque das Nações.

So, if you want to buy a house in Parque das Nações, know that you will have everything you need at your disposal.

The modernity is what marks the apartments and houses throughout Parque das Nações. It is a residential area with attractive, simplistic neighborhoods, many with pools in the condominiums, and (above all), most with a view of the river.

Being close to everything, with access to everything, and still being able to wake up looking at the Tejo river? This can be your dream come true.

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