Porquê comprar casa em São Vicente, Lisboa?

Why buy a house in São Vicente, Lisbon?

Are you looking for a house to buy in Lisbon? Get to know São Vicente, one of the parishes of the capital, located at the top and known for its viewpoints.

20 Oct 20234 min

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Need real estate agency support? Contact Casa no Minuto and ensure access to personalized support to find and buy your home in the capital. And in case of financing, turn to Poupança no Minuto to apply for your housing credit. But first, convince yourself with São Vicente: the Lisbon parish of viewpoints.

Get to know São Vicente, the Lisbon parish with viewpoints.

São Vicente is one of the parishes in the city of Lisbon, bordering Alfama and known for its viewpoints.

In addition to all the historical attractions of São Vicente, it is the viewpoints that attract both national and international visitors.

At a 6-minute walk from the center of São Vicente, you come across the view of Lisbon from the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, the famous and typical Escadinhas Damasceno Monteiro, as well as Miradouro da Graça.

To the residents, it also promises to offer amenities, in addition to views of the River Tagus in most properties.

This parish is located in the heart of Lisbon, placing it in the center of important locations, such as 15 minutes from Lisbon Airport.

What does the parish of São Vicente offer?

In addition to being in the heart of the parish, with views of the river, through viewpoints and more, São Vicente is also close to historical and tourist attractions.

An example of this is the "Feira da Ladra" which takes place every Saturday and Tuesday next to the Church of Santa Engrácia from dawn to dusk. This market offers the sale of all kinds of items, whether clothing, crafts, antiques or furniture. This is one of the most emblematic street markets in Lisbon.

In São Vicente, it is also close to national and international hospitals, police stations, schools, cultural spots such as Teatro Bocage, the Peace Guard murals, Obey Street Art, Street Art and Fado in Tones of RGB - Ozearv, or the art studio, Mato Atelier.

The heart of Lisbon grants access to award-winning restaurants.

Being located in the capital, São Vicente has Michelin-starred restaurants in its vicinity. In Lisbon alone, we can find over a dozen award-winning restaurants.

Examples of this are the famous "Belcanto", in the neighboring Bairro Alto, and also the "Alma", a restaurant located in an eighteenth-century house, previously a warehouse of the famous, and oldest, bookstore in the world: Bertrand.

So, São Vicente is located in a privileged area when it comes to satisfying the taste for cuisine. Not only in terms of restaurants, but also in cafes, bakeries, and street markets.

And it's not difficult to get to the places on foot, as it is well located and easy to walk, with a walk you can discover all these gastronomic spots.

Why buy a house in São Vicente?  

These are all the reasons that justify buying a house in the Lisbon parish of São Vicente.  

It is a neighborhood located next to Alfama, one of the most typical places in the capital, as well as Bairro Alto and Chiado.  

And even from the most distant places, it is not at such a significant distance. This is because, by car, it is only half an hour away from the coastal areas of Costa da Caparica or Oeiras.  

São Vicente also has a good transportation network, with numerous bus lines, a tram, and several metro stations. A network that will take you wherever you want to go, in a comfortable and fast way.  

And being located at the top of Lisbon, many of the properties enjoy an unobstructed view of the river. Can you already imagine yourself in this scenario? 

Let's move forward with the search for your ideal home, for a purchase and accommodation without challenges? The real estate agency Casa no Minuto and the credit intermediary Poupança no Minuto will help you! Contact the services and have access to personalized support throughout the entire process.


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