Compra de casa: Conheça o Montijo, a uma ponte de Lisboa

Buy a house: Get to know Montijo, just one bridge away from Lisbon.

Living in Montijo can be a great option for those working in and around Lisbon. Almost directly from Montijo, you have access to the Vasco da Gama Bridge that takes you to the capital in 20 minutes. In terms of services, it is currently a municipality full of amenities and commercial areas. Buying a house in Montijo? Get to know the area and find out how to facilitate the process.

05 Dec 20234 min

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Are you looking for a house to buy? Ask for help: The real estate agency Casa no Minuto can find the property you are looking for and the credit intermediaries of Poupança no Minuto, the mortgage credit that best suits you. But first get to know Montijo, before making a decision. 

Montijo: The tranquility next to a bridge in Lisbon.

Montijo is a municipality located in the district of Setúbal, mostly delimited by the Tagus River. It has two areas: the estuary area, closely connected to the river, and the Charneca area, further away from the coast. Its history was marked by the arrival of workers from various parts of the country, for the works that aimed to make the river navigable.  

Since 1998, with the arrival of the Vasco da Gama bridge connecting Montijo to Lisbon, the municipality has been the target of continuous development, both residential and urban. It is also a place of religious heritage with a rich history, increasingly modernized by innovation.  

Montijo is becoming more developed, with new urbanizations emerging, and an increasing number of commercial services around.

What does Montijo offer?

At a cultural level, there are several traditional sites to visit in Montijo, from churches to places to stroll like mills. Let's see which ones?

In this municipality, you can visit: the Tide Mill; the Fisherman Museum in the building of the old Conde Ferreira School, a symbol of the fishing community identity; the Holy Spirit Church of Montijo; the Esteval Windmill, which was restored in 2000 by the local municipality; the Agricultural Museum of Atalaia, open to the public and linked to agriculture and its history, requalified in 2009 and free of charge; the Santo Isidro de Pegões Church inaugurated in 1957; the Montijo Municipal Museum/Casa Mora, with free entry, and for a nature walk you can enjoy the Riverside Area and the Carlos Hidalgo Gomes de Loureiro Municipal Park, with a children's area and exercise equipment.  

In addition, Montijo is also known for Ribatejo gastronomy, with a variety of restaurants and taverns, as well as the traditional Festas de São Pedro.  

In the heart of Montijo, you will find a variety of services to suit all tastes and needs through the large shopping Alegro Montijo. Recently, the famous Mercadona supermarket was also opened in the municipality.

How to get around Montijo?

Through the bridge, the Parque das Nações is only a 20-minute drive from Montijo, as well as through various bus options. 

From the center of Lisbon, Montijo is 40 minutes by car, 20 minutes by boat, and an hour by bus combined with another mode of transportation (metro, train, or other, already on the north bank).

Montijo's main means of transportation is the buses from Carris Metropolitana, connecting it to several areas of the south and north bank. It also has the ferry, which takes you directly to Lisbon, to Cais do Sodré.

Buying a house in Montijo? Go to a real estate agency.

If you are thinking about moving, Montijo can be a good option if you want to stay close to Lisbon but away from the city's hustle and bustle.  

This is increasingly a municipality developed in terms of properties and commerce, but it still maintains its characteristic historical landmarks and suburban tranquility.

Buying a house in Montijo can be easier with the help of a real estate agency, like Casa no Minuto. Having a real estate consultant by your side can be beneficial to find the property you are looking for and negotiate the ideal price for it.

In addition to having a guide at every step, the agency simplifies all the bureaucracy of the process and mediates the procedure with the seller.

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