OE 2024. Vai comprar casa? Saiba se vai estar isento de IMT

OE 2024. Are you buying a house? Find out if you will be exempt from IMT

The boundaries of the Taxable Heritage Value of a property up to which it is exempt from paying IMT will change in 2024, as indicated by the new State Budget proposal for the next year. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a house in 2024, take this factor into consideration. Find out the new threshold in this article.

18 Oct 20233 min

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But let's see, first, what will be the limits for IMT exemption in 2024.

What is IMT and when do I pay?

The Municipal Tax on Onerous Transfers (IMT) is a tax paid to the State at the time of a priority exchange deed, such as a purchase, exchange or inheritance.

It is worth mentioning that the IMT assumes several levels, on which fees have been updated by around 5% with the proposal of the State Budget for 2024 (OE2024).

What are the new limits for IMT exemption?

Learn, first, that the value to consider for IMT exemption is the Taxable Property Value (VPT) of each property. This can be found in the property's deed.  

So, as explained by Notícias ao Minuto, the limit "over which exemption exists or a rate of 1% is applied, depending on whether it is respectively a primary and permanent residence or a second home" of the first bracket increases "from the current 97,064 euros to almost 102,000 euros starting in January".

Let's see the new limits for each bracket and their respective rates: 

  • Top tier: exemption up to 101,917 euros of VPT and marginal rate of 1%;  
  • Second tier: exemption up to 149,412 euros of VPT and marginal rate of 2%;  .
  • Third tier: exemption up to €190,086 VPT and marginal rate of 5%;  
  • Fourth bracket: exemption up to 316,772 euros of VPT and marginal rate of 7%;  
  • Fifth tier: exemption up to 633,453 euros of VPT and marginal rate of 8%.  

In addition, for values between 633,453 and 1,102,290 euros, the IMT will be applied through a single rate of 6%, and when the VPT is higher than 1,102,920 euros, a single rate of 7.5%. &Nbsp;

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