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Mortgage Costs.
How much does it cost to get a mortgage?
Housing Credit Acquisition

How much does it cost to get a mortgage?

Getting a home loan can be a headache when it comes to opening your wallet. Therefore, it is essential to be informed in advance about the amounts you will need to have available. Learn about the costs of getting a home loan.

11 Aug 20235 min

How to lower the spread of my home loan?
Housing Credit Acquisition

How to lower the spread of my home loan?

The spread is one of the interest rates for mortgage loans and measures the level of risk a client poses to banking institutions. Its value depends on the guarantees provided by clients. Let's see how the spread is calculated, how to lower its value, and the impact of lowering it or not.

10 Aug 20233 min

What is the best month to buy a house?
House Purchase

What is the best month to buy a house?

Are you looking to buy a house, but unsure about the right moment to proceed? Let's see, month by month, the best times to acquire a property.

11 Aug 20236 min

Housing credit: How to know if I have financial capacity?
Housing Credit Acquisition

Housing credit: How to know if I have financial capacity?

To proceed with a loan request for your new home, you must go through preliminary phases: it is necessary to know beforehand if you have the ability to pay a loan installment every month. Find out in this article how this pre-process works.

11 Aug 20234 min

Disabled individuals: How does subsidized housing credit work?
Housing Credit Acquisition

Disabled individuals: How does subsidized housing credit work?

Need to hire a home loan and have a disability equal to or greater than 60%? Know that you are entitled to special conditions, with a discounted interest rate. Learn about home loans for people with disabilities in this article.

11 Aug 20234 min

Sabia que comprar casa não significa gastar todas as poupanças? Recorra a um intermediário de crédito
Credit intermediation

Did you know that buying a house doesn't mean spending all your savings? Use a credit intermediary.

The process of buying a house with a housing loan is costly, but know that you don't need to spend all your savings. The more informed you are, the less risks you run of losing money in this process. That's why many Portuguese people turn to a credit intermediary to guide them through the contracting process. Find out how credit intermediation can help you in this article.

22 Aug 20235 min

Com quantos titulares posso contratar um crédito habitação?
Housing Credit Acquisition

With how many account holders can I hire a mortgage loan?

Can I apply for a housing loan with multiple co-owners? What if it's with a friend? These are relevant questions that arise when buying a house. Therefore, let's see how it works legally.

07 Sep 20234 min

Qual o impacto da avaliação de um imóvel?
Housing Credit Acquisition

What is the impact of valuing a property?

The property valuation is a determining factor regarding the own funds you will need to have available initially when contracting your housing credit. Did you know this? Let's understand why.

18 Sep 20235 min

Entrei em incumprimento do crédito habitação, tenho de pagar juros de mora?
Housing Credit Acquisition

I defaulted on my mortgage, do I have to pay late fees?

Not complying with the repayment obligations of a loan such as a housing credit implies having consequences, such as interest and fees. One of them being late interest, which adds to the outstanding amount. Let's see how much this amount can be.

21 Sep 20234 min

Explicando a Euribor: Saiba tudo sobre este indexante
Housing Credit Acquisition

Explaining the Euribor: Find out everything about this benchmark.

Has Euribor been your worst nightmare? If you have a housing loan with a variable rate, this rate has been the reason your monthly installment has increased. We will explain why, below.

22 Sep 20234 min

PARI e PERSI: O que são estes processos no incumprimento de crédito?
Mortgage Credit Renegotiation

PARI and PERSI: What are these processes in credit default?

The terms PARI and PERSI refer to processes that banks initiate in order to prevent customer default on their loans, or to act after default. Understand better what they mean and how they work.

19 Dec 20235 min

Qual a finalidade do mapa de responsabilidades de crédito?
Housing Credit Acquisition

What is the purpose of the credit responsibilities map?

The Banco de Portugal (BdP) credit responsibilities map is a document required when requesting financing from a banking institution, in order to assess whether you are in default on any credit. But what other information does this map include and how to interpret it?

14 Nov 20235 min

Como comparar propostas de crédito com TAEG e MTIC?
Housing Credit Acquisition

How to compare credit proposals with APR and total cost?

If you are in the process of applying for a loan, you should inform yourself in advance about the terms used so that you make the best financial decision. Comparing proposals before choosing the right credit conditions is essential. But what is the most realistic way to do it? That's what we will explain in this article.

25 Oct 20234 min

Custos altos para construir casa? Conheça o crédito habitação para construção
Home construction credit.

High costs to build a house? Learn about the home construction loan at [URL].

As interest rates have been rising, so have the costs of building properties, making access to housing more difficult for the Portuguese. Costs for building a house rose again in August, but there are options that make this process easier. Learn about housing construction loans in this article.

17 Oct 20234 min

Crédito habitação: BdP alivia teste de esforço exigido aos mutuários
Housing Credit Acquisition

Home loan: BdP eases stress test required for borrowers.

Looking to apply for a housing loan? We have good news for you: The Bank of Portugal (BdP) eased one of the requirements imposed on customers, making access to this type of financing easier. Understand what changes in the stress test required by banks, in this article.

17 Oct 20233 min