Crédito habitação: BdP alivia teste de esforço exigido aos mutuários

Home loan: BdP eases stress test required for borrowers.

Looking to apply for a housing loan? We have good news for you: The Bank of Portugal (BdP) eased one of the requirements imposed on customers, making access to this type of financing easier. Understand what changes in the stress test required by banks, in this article.

17 Oct 20233 min

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Looking for the most suitable home loan for you and gathering all the essential information? It's true, with the stress test relief, it may now be easier. To make it even simpler, use the free services of a credit intermediary, such as those of Poupança no Minuto, and make your credit process as easy as possible! To better understand the impact of the change in the BdP, read on.

Bank of Portugal eases criteria for granting housing credit.

In a statement, the Banco de Portugal (BdP), quoted by the Notícias ao Minuto, disclosed having changed the instructions regarding the stress test required by banks from clients when contracting a housing credit (DSTI – Debt-Service-to-Income), as well as the average maturity of new contracts.

So, the BdP indicates having changed "the criteria for weighting the impact of increases in the index of variable or mixed interest rate credit contracts on consumer solvency". In practice, to alleviate the stress test required by banks when granting a housing loan, lasting more than 10 years, the BdP suggests simulating an increase of 1.5%, instead of 3%.  

In credits up to five years, an interest rate increase of 0.5% is simulated, and in credits up to 10 years, a 1% interest rate increase is simulated, instead of 1% and 2%, respectively.

Average maturity of new contracts should not exceed 30 years.

According to a Notícias ao Minuto publication, the BdP also communicated that "the average maturity of all new housing credit contracts, credit with mortgage guarantee or equivalent granted by each institution, should not exceed 30 years".

Regarding the effort rate, the governor of BdP, Mário Centeno, has already stated that "there is no change in the recommendation", since "the maximum effort rate established by the recommendation remains at 50%. What happens is that the shock to the interest rate, to calculate the effort rate that is then comparable to this value of 50%, is altered", he explains.

However, the governor of BdP also emphasizes that "it is not intended with this change to subject, allow or recommend that families make a higher level of effort than was recommended before this publication".  

According to Notícias ao Minuto, the new requirements for access to housing credit will be in force five business days after the BdP's announcement.

Relief in housing credit requirements: Talk to a credit intermediary.

The new relief measure for the DSTI stress test for access to housing credit can be helpful if you want to use this financing for buying your home.

If you are in doubt about whether it will have an impact on your case, talk to a credit intermediary. The agents of Poupança no Minuto can simulate your case and present the best market proposals.

With the support of an intermediary, you have access to a free service that takes you to the most suitable conditions and helps you choose the best credit for you. 

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