Casas encareceram (significativamente) em 2023

Houses appreciated in 2023

The price of houses throughout 2023 has been rising, especially in 17 district capitals. But by how much has it increased and how to buy a house in 2024?

05 Jan 20242 min

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In 2023, house prices rose by 5.3% in 17 district capitals

In 2023, houses became 5.3% more expensive in 17 district capitals, according to data from Idealista shared by News to the Minute.

Now, the cost per square meter is at 2,561 euros. This was "a visible scenario in almost all of the Portuguese territory, as houses became more expensive in 17 district capitals in 2023, with Viana do Castelo leading the increases (32.1%)".

In the major cities of Lisbon and Porto, the increase was even more pronounced than the average, with the data released revealing a price increase of 6.1% in Lisbon and 6.5% in Porto.

The variation throughout the months of 2023 was more pronounced on a quarterly basis, at 2.8%, compared to a monthly variation of 1.2%.

In the 17 district capitals where house prices have risen, Viana do Castelo leads with an increase of 32.1%, followed by Funchal with 20.9% and Santarém with 15%.

Right after come the following cities, with their respective increases: 

  • Ponta Delgada - 13.2% & nbsp;
  • Faro - 12.7%;
  • Braga - 12%;
  • Bragança - 10.6%;
  • Viseu - 9.8%
  • Watch - 9.3%;
  • Castelo Branco - 8.1%
  • Porto - 6.5%;
  • Leiria and Lisbon - 6.1%;
  • Coimbra - 6%;
  • Setúbal - 5.5%
  • Aveiro - 0.8%;
  • Évora - 0.6%.  

But in certain cities, the house prices decreased throughout 2023, like in Vila Real, -8%, and in Beja, 1.3%.

In 2024, the prospects for the real estate market are better.

Despite prices rising significantly in 2023, the outlook for the real estate market in 2024 is better.

Expectations are for a continuation of price stagnation and a possible reduction in prices in various districts.

If you want to buy a house in 2024, pay attention to the real estate market and analyze the available options. Then, you can contact a real estate agency for a greater search and contact with the owners to schedule visits. real estate market

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