Bancos emprestam novo máximo no crédito habitação a particulares

Banks lend new maximum in mortgage credit to individuals.

A new record was reached in terms of home loan lending by banks to individuals in the last month of November. Find out the numbers involved and how to hire the best home loan in 2024.

16 Jan 20243 min

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New record for personal loans in housing credit, in November 2023.

According to data released by Banco de Portugal to Notícias ao Minuto, credit granted by banks to individuals reached a new high of 16 years in November 2023. The record is marked by 2.725 million euros lent "due to the new mortgage credit that reached all-time highs", as stated in the news.

This value is up 7.6% from October, and 46% higher than in November 2022, reaching the highest level since October 2007.

But what contributed to this new 16-year high? According to the news, the cause is related to "loans for home purchases, as the 2.040 million euros of new housing credit in November are the highest value since the beginning of the Banco de Portugal series (2003).  

Note that the 2.040 million euros of new home credit are 8.6% more than in October and 60% more than in November of 2022.

Regarding another type of loans, data from the Bank of Portugal clarify that "459 million euros were loaned for consumer credit (2% more than in October and 12% more year-on-year) and 226 million euros for loans for other purposes (11% more than the previous month and 25% more than in November last year)", explains the news.

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