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IMI: Learn all about this tax
House Purchase

IMI: Learn all about this tax

The Municipal Property Tax is one of the Portuguese taxes, paid by those who acquire a property, annually. But how much, when and how is it paid? That's what we clarify in this article.

04 Sep 20234 min

Compra de casa: O que devo saber sobre a escritura?
House Purchase

Buying a house: What should I know about the deed?

Are you in the process of buying a house and the deed is approaching? Understand what this moment represents, what you have to pay, and which documents you need to take with you so that everything goes smoothly on the contract signing.

08 Nov 20234 min

Não paguei o IMI, e agora?
Mortgage Savings Credit

I did not pay the IMI, now what?

The Municipal Property Tax (IMI) is a tax due by homeowners and landowners in Portugal, which must be paid annually. Therefore, if as a property owner without an exemption, you have failed to pay the tax, know what lies ahead.

30 Nov 20234 min

Última prestação IMI: Tem até ao final de novembro para pagar
House Purchase

Last installment IMI: You have until the end of November to pay.

Do you have a property in your name? Have you not fully paid the IMI yet this year? Then, be careful! You only have until the end of the month to pay the last installment of the tax, without penalties.

23 Nov 20233 min

Tem uma casa? Veja se tem direito a desconto no IMI
Mortgage Savings Credit

Do you have a house? See if you are entitled to an IMI discount.

If you own a house, you know you have to pay the Property Tax (IMI). But did you know there are exemptions and discounts available for this tax? See if you are eligible for this specific reduction, then.

18 Dec 20233 min

É proprietário de uma casa? IMI não subirá em 2024
Housing Credit Acquisition

Are you a homeowner? Property tax will not rise in 2024.

If you own a house, we have good news for you: The value of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) will not increase in 2024, as there was doubt about it.

03 Jan 20243 min

Tem uma casa? Desconto familiar do IMI aumentado e alargado em 2024
Housing Credit Acquisition

Do you have a house? Family discount for property tax extended in 2024

Are you a homeowner? In 2024, the discount on the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) for families regarding 2023 will be higher, and will be extended to more municipalities. Understand better, next.

09 Jan 20243 min

Compensa comprar casa para arrendar? Conheça os dados de 2023
Housing Credit Acquisition

Is it worth buying a house to rent out? Discover the 2023 data.

According to data released by Idealista and later shared in a news article by Notícias ao Minuto, in 2023 it was worthwhile to buy a house to rent in most Portuguese cities. Find out more about the data, the profitability by district, and if the process is worth it, then.

15 Jan 20243 min

Calendário fiscal: Conheça os prazos de pagamento destes impostos em 2024
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Tax calendar: Learn about the payment deadlines for these taxes in 2024.

The tax calendar for 2024 is already known, specifically for IRS, IUC, and IMI. Do you pay any of these? Then stay informed about the following deadlines.

19 Jan 20243 min

Simule quanto vai pagar de IMI e prepare a carteira

Simulate how much you will pay for IMI and prepare your wallet.

Do you know how much you will pay for IMI this year? There is a simulator that tells you the amount: get to know the tool and find out how to prepare your wallet for this expense.

22 Feb 20242 min

Calendário fiscal do IMI: Sabe quando tem de pagar este imposto?

IMI tax calendar: Do you know when to pay this tax?

If you were the owner of a property or land in 2023, be aware: you may have to pay this tax. Find out the dates or if you may be exempt.

06 Mar 20243 min

Calculadora com tax 2024, IMI, caneta, caderno, óculos, clips e moedas em cima de folhas sob mesa

If you are a homeowner, mark your calendar: May brings IMI payments.

For property owners or landowners, May brings the payment of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) by the end of 2023. Find out if you may be exempt from this payment and, if not, what is the deadline to pay.

06 May 20243 min

Telemóvel, caderno e caneta em mesa branca simbolizando nota de cobrança do IMI

Did you not receive the IMI payment notice? Find out how to check and pay online.

If you haven't received the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) bill at your address or email inbox, find out how to check and pay it online.

28 May 20242 min

Black Friday: 3 dicas para aproveitar ao máximo

Black Friday: 3 tips to make the most out

Black Friday is approaching and it is important to inform yourself beforehand about savings tips, but also to be alert so you are not deceived as a consumer. So, check out 3 tips to make the most of the discounts on the next November 24th.

09 Nov 20234 min

5 dicas para comprar (e poupar) nos saldos

5 tips for buying (and saving) on sales

The sales have already started and it can be a great time to buy that piece you need or have always wanted at lower prices. But how to find the best opportunities safely? Check out 5 tips in this article.

29 Dec 20233 min