Telemóvel, caderno e caneta em mesa branca simbolizando nota de cobrança do IMI

Did you not receive the IMI payment notice? Find out how to check and pay online.

If you haven't received the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) bill at your address or email inbox, find out how to check and pay it online.

28 May 20242 min

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How to check the property tax bill (IMI) and pay it online?

The deadline to pay the first installment of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) ends on the next May 31.  

In the event of having an amount to pay up to 100 euros, this installment will be the only one you will pay.

The payment notice for accessing the data to make the tax payment is sent to address or email, and must be settled by the end of the month.

But if you have not received it (it may happen, for example, if you do not have your tax address updated in the Finance Department), know that you can access it in your Finance Portal account.

The first step is to access your account with the authentication data and, once logged in, click on - All Services.


Among the various services, look for "Municipal Property Tax", and below the same "Check Payment Notes".


Next, select the corresponding year to pay the tax: in this case, 2023


After this step, the respective payment note will appear with a multibanco reference so that you can settle the amount.


Through the reference, you can then proceed with the transfer at an ATM, online banking, or through your bank's app.

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