Como poupar com o seguro de vida? Veja estes exemplos

How to save with life insurance? Check out these examples.

Want to save on your insurances? Find out how Poupança no Minuto's insurance brokers helped these customers achieve savings of over five thousand euros per year.

29 Apr 20243 min

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This couple saved 732 euros per year by transferring life insurance.

Joana and Carlos, 27 and 25 years old, both without high-risk professions - social worker and consultant - had their life insurance with coverage of Absolute and Permanent Disability (IAD), capital of 220,000 euros, and paid a monthly installment of 75.92 euros.

By contacting Poupança no Minuto to access better conditions on their insurance and to be able to pay a lower installment, the mediators presented several proposals from other insurance companies.  

By resorting to a transfer of insurance to another insurer, the couple achieved a monthly installment of 14.89 euros with even more extensive coverage - Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

In total, the young couple ended up saving 61.03 euros every month, which amounts to a savings of 732.29 euros per year, with even better insurance conditions.

Grace saved 268,78 euros annually on her insurance policy.

Also Grace, 45 years old, Manager (non-high risk profession) had her life insurance contracted with IAD coverage, a capital of 100,000 euros, paying a monthly installment of 35.54 euros, and was looking for better conditions at a better price.

With Poupança no Minuto, it was easy to find the ideal proposal: insurance brokers quickly shared with Graça the options from various insurers, and she chose the most advantageous one.

When transferring her insurance to the new insurer, Graça started accessing a life insurance with more comprehensive ITP coverage, paying a lower monthly premium of 13.14 euros. 

Per month, the Manager managed to save 22.40 euros and a total of 268.78 euros per year.

And Paulo and Justina who reached a yearly savings of 5.815 euros?  

The couple Paulo and Justina, aged 67 and 63, both with non-risky occupations - Retired and Clerk - had their life insurance with IAD coverage and a capital of 84,000 euros. However, they were paying a very high monthly installment of 585 euros per month.  

They both decided to use the free insurance mediation services of Poupança no Minuto to have a lower monthly expense with this insurance.

Maintaining IAD coverage, our brokers were able to obtain a insurance proposal from another insurer, with a significantly lower monthly payment: 100.42 euros per month.

Paulo and Justina opted for the new proposal, transferring their insurance through our free help and achieving considerable savings. Note: per month, the couple started to save 484.58 euros, and per year, 5,814.96 euros!  

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