Subsídios e pensões: Este é o calendário de pagamentos em junho

Allowances and pensions: This is the payment schedule in June.

If you receive subsidies or pensions from Social Security (SS), find out the payment dates for each one in the month of June.

05 Jun 20241 min

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This is the social security support calendar for the month of June.

The Social Security payment schedule has already started this month for beneficiaries of supports - subsidies or pensions.

It was on Monday, June 3rd, when pensions and subsidies associated with occupational disease began to be paid.  

Next, on June 7th, the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly and Pensions will be paid; on June 14th Family Benefits, and on June 21st, the Social Insertion Income. 

Need to know when to rely on your support to organize your expenses for this month? Then pay attention to the dates on the calendar published by the SS:  

Social Security

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