Posso optar pelo IRS automático em tributação conjunta?

Can I choose automatic IRS with joint taxation?

The DECO PROteste came to clarify the most common doubts regarding joint and separate taxation in the case of automatic IRS. Read more next.

08 Apr 20242 min

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Automatic IRS: How does it work with joint taxation?  

According to DECO PROteste on the social network Instagram, the first issue arises when one of the couple's elements opts for automatic IRS. In that case, the other member of the couple "can only opt for separate taxation", unable to do joint IRS.

Note that you can always simulate the IRS declaration before submitting it, finding out the amount you will be entitled to for reimbursement (or the amount to pay). Therefore, when one or both members have the possibility to proceed with automatic IRS, the association advises to "simulate both options and follow the most advantageous".

In other words, this means that by choosing to fill out the tax return jointly with your spouse, you have to give up automatic IRS and manually fill out a single declaration, so one of the individuals doing the automatic IRS, the other can only do the individual IRS.  

However, if both partners choose automatic IRS, in this case, "they can choose between joint or separate taxation", so they should then simulate both scenarios.

Last year's data revealed that in 2023, compared to the 2022 incomes, a total of 6 million IRS declarations were settled, with 32.7% submitted through automatic IRS and 67.3% through manual IRS.

It is worth remembering that the deadline for submitting the IRS started on April 1 and will end on June 30, followed by settlements that must be completed by July 31 and refunds paid by August 31.

Furthermore, August 31 is also the deadline for taxpayers who did not withhold or withheld an insufficient amount to pay the tax assessed by the Tax and Customs Authority (AT).

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