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IRS with Finance error? Learn how to submit a complaint.

If you noticed an error in your IRS statement by the Tax Authority, it is possible to claim for free and without using a lawyer. Find out how.  

10 May 20242 min

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"You can proceed with the means that the law makes available to taxpayers".

If your IRS statement has an error by the Tax Office, you can submit a free complaint.  

According to DECO PROteste, in a news from Notícias ao Minuto, the issue at stake is the reclamação graciosa that can be submitted through the Portal das Finanças.

"Even after completing the entire IRS declaration delivery process, upon receiving the settlement note, you may realize that the Tax Authority made a mistake. For example, not considering all the deductions you made in 2023. In this case, you can take advantage of the means that the law provides to taxpayers to assert their rights," the news reads.

Having submitted the IRS declaration within the legal deadline (until June 30), the organization explains that it has 30 days after the submission date to deliver a replacement declaration.

However, "after the deadline for voluntary payment of the tax has passed, you have 120 days to react through a gracious complaint. If this is rejected, you can still file a hierarchical appeal within 30 days after the rejection".

But what is a gracious complaint?

According to DECO, a polite complaint "is the simplest and cheapest way to correct errors under the responsibility of the Tax Administration, especially if done through the Portal das Finanças (you only need the access password)."

The purpose of this type of complaint is to "completely or partially annul tax acts, initiated by the taxpayer. In addition to having administrative nature, it only involves the taxpayer and the Tax Authority," it also reads.

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