Governo destaca 3 medidas para melhorar a vida financeira dos portugueses

Government highlights 3 measures to improve Portuguese financial life.

With the new Government of Luís Montenegro, measures proposed by the Executive are emerging with an impact on the financial life of the Portuguese. Three are highlighted in an Instagram post: find out which ones.

16 Apr 20242 min

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Measures "designed to improve the lives of workers and pensioners"

Luís Montenegro's Government has already presented its program and, on the social network Instagram, highlighted three measures to improve the financial life of the Portuguese.

The program has already begun to be discussed in Parliament and, to mark the start, they explain on the social network that the measures were "designed to improve the lives of workers and pensioners."

The three measures highlighted by the Executive are as follows:  

  • Higher salaries: minimum wage of 1,000 euros and average salary at 1,750 euros.  
  • Improving pensions: annual increase in all pensions and guarantee of a minimum income of 820 euros to each pensioner.  
  • Lowering taxes on labor: immediate reduction of income tax, especially for the middle class, and free 15th month of taxes (exemption from taxes and contributions on performance bonuses up to the limit of one monthly salary).  

In addition, the Government emphasizes that this is a "program of change for the next four years, built with dialogue."  

Note that the program of the XXIX Constitutional Government was already delivered on April 10 by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Pedro Duarte, to the President of the Assembly of the Republic, José Pedro Aguiar-Branco.

The document is appreciated in the Assembly of the Republic, with parliamentary groups being able to present motions of rejection of the program, requiring an "absolute majority" of actively functioning deputies for approval.

From then on, the government may be fully functional, but until then it must limit itself "to the practice of acts strictly necessary to ensure the management of public affairs".

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